Saturday, 10 May 2014

Growing our own sunflower. Part 1

Recently we were asked to take part in a grow your own sunflower competition. To win, our sunflower needs to be the tallest. I am going to blog about how we get on as the weeks go by, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to see how we get on!

So part 1 of growing our own sunflower....

You may remember that recently we helped Chester and Millie to create their very own corner of the garden. Since then, they have been keen gardeners. They like to keep their flowers watered and LOVE using their stepping stone path.

I explained to them that we would be growing our own sunflowers, they were both excited. Chester helped me teach Millie what colour the sunflower would be and explained to her that we plant a seed and if we take care of it and water it, it will magically turn into a flower. He takes his role as a big brother very seriously and he loved telling her everything he knew, it was so sweet.

We gathered together everything we needed, sunflower seeds, soil, pots, and of course gardening tools. The tools we are using are a 3 piece Qualcast set, with a hand trowel, fork and rake. All 3 of them will come in handy during our growing process.

I opened a bag of compost and used the fork and the rake to break it down (it was compact due to being in the bag).

Chester then enjoyed showing Millie how she needed to use her trowel to fill a pot with soil. After filling the pots with soil, Chester and Millie pressed their finger into the soil and popped the sunflower seed in, making sure to cover with a little more soil.

I researched which way up we needed to plant the seed, and apparently it doesn't matter as the seed will correct itself once it starts growing. Lets hope so!

We have planted into small pots, and then once the Sunflower starts to grow we will transfer to a bigger pot.

Next job was to find a sunny spot to put them, Chester and Millies section of the garden seems to get the sun all afternoon and evening. So I agreed they could place them on the corners of their planter. They were very excited about this!

Last job on the list was to water them! Lesson learnt here was never let Millie water the plants without help! She pretty much drowned them haha!

We had a really fun afternoon in the garden planting the sunflowers, I love that both of the children are really interested. The first thing they did when they got up this morning was check on their sunflowers!

Has anyone else planted sunflowers this year?!

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