Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Girls toddler tantrums are different to boys!

Well this is probably very obvious to some people. But for me, every single day I am learning just how differently boys and girls behave! 

Over the last couple of months Millie's toddler tantrums have got worse. 

I have noticed that boys seem to have a small paddy over something but it is soon forgotten. Girls seem to have the tantrum and string it out for as long as possible. 

Millie seems to have tantrums of epic proportions. At first I thought they were over small things, but then I gave it some thought. 

The things that may seem small to me, are very big to Millie. She is only 2 years old, her only worries in the world are how many times in a day can she watch Frozen, or how many dollies she can sneak in the car with her! 

The other day she watched Bambi, when it got to the end she asked to watch it again, but I turned it back to the begining (like she asked) BEFORE she had finished dancing to the music! That of course was the wrong thing to do and what came next was a 10 minute meltdown! 

Then, one bedtime, she was stalling walking up the stairs, so I carried her. This was apparently the wrong thing to do as she tantrumed so much she pulled the stair gate off her door! It was like she has turned into The hulk! 


I am finding it much harder to calm Millie down than I do with Chester.

She throws herself back, she kicks, hits out, and the newest addition is that she gets so angry that she bites herself. What do I do to stop that? 

Putting her on the step is hit and miss, sometimes she will calm down and say sorry, other times she will refuse point blank to sit on it at all. 

I have tried to leave her to it, but this just seems to fuel the tantrum further! 

So..... Who has got any advice for me?! 

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