Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ecover's first Ocean plastic bottle.

In an exclusive partnership with Tesco, ecological cleaning pioneer Ecover have launched the Ocean Bottle. The first ever bottle made from waste plastic, fished from the ocean. The limited edition bottle is made entirely from recycled plastic, with 10% of that plastic coming from the sea. 


Now, forgive me for being so ignorant. But until I read into this further, I really wasn't aware just how much plastic makes it's way into the ocean. If you are anything like me, these figures may shock you.... 

On average there are 46,000 pieces of plastic swirling around every single square mile of the ocean. EVERY SINGLE SQUARE MILE!!!! I am shocked. Don't get me wrong, I knew it was a problem, but I certainly had no idea it was to such a big scale. Of course, this mean that not only is it polluting the environment, but it is also harming the fish and the sea mammals. 

To try and reverse this trend, Ecover has joined forces with experts from Waste Free Oceans, as well as the European community of fisherman, in a joint bid to reduce the huge quantity of plastic in our oceans. The European fishing boats (using new technology) fish out between 1 and 8 tonnes of plastic waste per catch. Ecover has then transformed the waste caught into these limited (10,000) edition bottles. 

The washing up liquid has been created with a special sea lavender and eucalyptus fragrance, bringing the scent of the sea to your home! I was sent a bottle to try, and can honestly say the smell is amazing. It really does remind you of the sea, and it washes the dishes, and even my baking trays, really well.

So Tesco have decided to help raise awareness of this major issue of ocean plastic mess.  They will have the limited edition Ecover washing up liquid Ocean bottle on the shelves of their stores for 1 week. Starting from 21st May you will be able to grab your bottle for just £2. 

What do you think about the amount of plastic in the ocean? Were you as shocked as me? 

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