Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chester's first May Day Celebrations!

Yesterday I got to experience something amazing.

Chester's School is one of the very few who still celebrate May Day with Maypole dancing. I remember it well from when I was at Primary School, it's such a great tradition and I am so pleased that I will have the pleasure of watching the performances for the next 10 years (providing Millie gets in too!) 

Only the year 6 children got to dance around the Maypole, which it totally understandable seeing the pace and complexity of the dances! They did a few different dances around the Maypole, causing the ribbon to have different patterns, it was lovely. The whole School joined together for 2 songs, including the dance at the beginning where they all walked around with their May sticks and posies. 

Each individual class got to do a dance too. As Chester is only in reception, their dance was quite simple, but they had to remember their moves and they all did so well. It was so cute to watch! They were all partnered up, they had to link arms, twirl around, hold hands, skipalong. Brought a tear to my eye, it really did. Chester looked so proud as he was doing it. All the way up until the day, he was telling me he didn't want to do it and it wasn't for boys. But at that moment, when he was dancing, I could see that actually he was enjoying it.

The teachers all did a fantastic job of teaching all of the children the dances and the songs. So a massive thank you to all of them, for making it such a fantastic afternoon!

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