Friday, 23 May 2014

Certificates from School, an achievement for Chester.

As you all know, Chester is in his first year of School. During the last term they have introduced Chester's class to the Schools docket system. To gain dockets you need to do good work, be polite, be kind, help tidy up, good reading, those kind of things. Once you have 5 dockets you can take them back into School and they will exchange them for a certificate. Then once you get 15 certificates you get a special prize.

Chester is a very head strong little boy. He is more than capable of doing all of the things above, when he wants to.

Over the last 2 weeks he has worked hard to get his dockets, some days he comes home with none, some days he comes home with 2 or 3. 

Today he came home with his first certificate! In fact, he came home with 2!! 

He was so happy, it's amazing how much an orange bit of paper can boost a child's confidence! I hope that now he has seen that he can do it, he will continue to work hard and be good at School. 

This was a huge milestone for Chester, I am so glad he has finally cracked it! 

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