Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Being a #MorrisonsMum

I dont know if you have heard, but Morrisons have cut the prices on over a thousand of your favourite products. Not temporary reductions or supermarket smoke and mirrors, new every day low prices on the things you buy every week. So you should notice the difference with every shop.

I was given £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers and challenged by Britmums to do my normal shop and see if Morrisons price cuts really do make a difference on the shopping bill.

I was only to happy to take on this challenge. Sadly food shopping is something I dread. I will be totally honest, the soaring prices on household bills (including the food shop) have stretched our outgoings to the absolute max. Meaning that I have to be very thrifty and creative with our food shopping. I normally do my main shop once a month and then top up about once a week on things like bread, milk and fruit. I have been known to do my months shopping at 3 separate supermarkets, to make the most of the offers at each one.

Thats just the way it has to be.

So my monthly spend, not including my weekly top ups is normally very close to £80, so as you can imagine, when I received the £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers I was very pleased!

When I arrived at our local Morrisons store I could see lots of bright yellow posters all giving the same message. Look out for the yellow markers, if it says I’m cheaper you know it’s staying cheaper.

So thats what I did, look out for the yellow markers. I found lots of them!

Some of the savings were minimal, but I have to say a fair few had quite big price cuts. For instance the 400g packs of wafer thin ham were £2.50, a price I would never of been able to afford, but the price cut means that they are now £1.69, an acceptable price I feel.

Squash was another relief for me, I do not drink it myself, I am more of a tap water girl. However Craig, Chester and Millie go through so much of it! The new cheaper price is £1.25 for 1.5l of double concentrate squash. OR 2 for £2!

The Beef Mince, now just £1.99 each or 2 for £3.50, the Butchers Choice Sausages 8 pack for just £1.55! I could go on all day, like I said their are over 1,000 price cuts!

I got to the till will my trolley full to the brim! Never before (since having Children) has my trolley been so full up! I was very nervous, I hadn't been adding up as I went round! The final spend was £102.33. So £22.33 OVER what I normally spend.

When I got home and broke the bill down, I had allowed for some treats in this shop as it was Bank Holiday weekend. So take off £15.19 for that and it is now only £7.14 over. The fact that I had managed to only spend £7.14 over what I normally do without having to shop around in 2 or 3 shops was good. I will add though, that on checking my receipt I had noticed that they had overcharged me 66p for some biscuits, which I was a bit miffed at.

My parents came down for the weekend and weather permitting I had planned to do a little BBQ on the Sunday. I wanted to go for something light, not too heavy, as my parents had a long drive back to Dorset later that evening.

After making the most of the 3 for £10 meat deals and the 3 for £1.50 fruit and veg deals at Morrisons, I decided to make Chicken, bacon and Pineapple BBQ skewers, served with beetroot salad and jacket potatoes. It serves 6 and works out at just £1.62 per person!

For the Skewers...

400g Morrisons Diced chicken
1 pack Morrisons Savers streaky bacon
1 fresh pineapple
A few tablespoons of BBQ sauce/marinade
6 wooden skewers

Soak the skewers in water over night. Cut the bacon in half and wrap around the diced chicken. Chop the pineapple into large chunks. Push the wrapped chicken and pineapple onto the skewers then generously brush on the BBQ sauce. I put the skewers into the oven and cooked for 10 minutes before finishing them off on the BBQ.

For the beetroot salad...

400g Fresh loose beetroot
1 pack of Morrisons pre packed salad (we used sweet and crunchy)
1 pack Feta Cheese
sprinkling of sesame seeds
dash of Olive oil

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. Peel and chop the beetroot into small pieces, place in a roasting tray, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Roast for around 30 minutes, turning the beetroot over once or twice.

Tip your pre packed salad into a large serving bowl, chop your Feta cheese into cubes. Add the Feta and the beetroot into the salad and serve!

There was one problem with the meal I made, in that I forgot to put the jacket potatoes into the oven! By the time I had realised it was a bit late. Oops! We ended having the Jacket potatoes for our tea a little later on, so all was not lost!

The meal went down really well, we had a great bank holiday weekend with some really great food thanks to Morrisons! The new price cuts really will make a difference to our shop. It means I will use Morrisons for more than just their offers, I can now use them for everyday items as well.

How about you, will you be making the most of these new permanent price cuts?

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