Saturday, 10 May 2014

Baby Panda Millie still going strong, 3 months on...

So we are now 3 months in, and Millie is just as obsessed with baby pandas now as she was then. You may remember my post about the panda obsession

She still introduces herself as baby panda, she still carries her beloved tiny baby panda figure around with her. 

My parents brought Millie her very own baby panda teddy. It cries when it wants attention or milk, and it snores when it is sleeping! Millie loves it so much that she even reads it bedtime stories. We could hear her over the monitor the other day, she was excitedly telling baby panda that was him in a book. 'Thats you baby panda, that's you, look'! It was so adorable! 

She even requested that my Aunt knit her a baby panda...


But today was the icing on the cake for Millie, we were getting movie night goodies, when she spotted these...


She literally squealed at the top of her voice 'baby panda, look Mummy, look, baby panda bic bics, BABY PANDA'!! 

I am truly amazed that this obsession is still going, but I love her little imagination. Watching her play and make up baby panda stories is just amazing! 

Does your little one have any surprising obsessions?! 

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