Sunday, 27 April 2014

That naughty kid at the party....

Today has been a bad day. In fact this week has been pretty bad where Chester is concerned. I would love to write how amazingly well Chester has been behaving and what a lovely time we are having. But that would be untruthful, and since my blog is all about family life, I include the downs as well as the ups. Let's face it we all have down days! 

Today has just been an awful end to a very bad week. 

This week has been the first week back after half term for Chester, until Thursday I was blissfully unaware of Chester's bad behaviour at School. 

I should point out at this point that it's just this week that he has been so awfully bad at School, not all the time! But back to last to this week... I normally read Chester's contact book when I get home from School, but on Thursday for some reason I decided to read it before I left the car park. I was mortified to read the letter from his teacher telling us what he had been upto. He has been fighting, pulling girls skirts up and not doing as the teachers tell him (in the playground). 

I went back in to speak to Chester's teacher, she is really fab. I am very pleased with what she has done/is doing to resolve it and I did feel better when I came out.

When we got home, I took away Chester's electronics and his beloved Skylanders. I told him he could have them back the next day after School IF he was good. He was sent to bed early.

I was DREADING picking him up from School. But thankfully the report back was that he was very good all day. 

Then today he went to a classmates birthday party. It was at a soft play centre, it started off really well, and then Chester started biting some of the other children. Chester has NEVER bitten people before, in fact when he was at nursery he was the one being bitten. Then some of the children were coming up to me and telling me he was fighting and pushing. 

I just wanted the ground to swallow me up. 

I gave him 3 warnings and it just didn't sink in. So we left early. 

On the way home I barely said a word to him, to be honest I was hiding behind my sunglasses and trying to hold back the tears. Selfishly I was embarrassed. Why did it have to be my child?! 

When we did get home I sent him straight to his room, he knew he had done wrong, there was no argument, he simply took himself up to his room and shut the door.

We took away the same things we had taken on Thursday, only this time they have gone away for a week. 

Later on I spoke with Chester, he seems to accept that what he has done is wrong, he didn't moan about his punishment, and he knows he needs to be on his best behaviour this week. 

I really hope this will be the end of his awful behaviour. I want my lovely little boy back. 

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