Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Skylanders Swap Force: Zoo Lou's Easter Adventures!

According to Skylander legend, we have Double Trouble to thank for bringing Zoo Lou to Master Eon's attention! Apparently, Zoo Lou traveled far and wide to the Seven Strange Strongholds (ancient mysterious sites in Skylanders). Whilst he was at these strongholds, he studied the wisdom and fighting styles of the Seven Strange Mages. After many years of learning and training, Zoo Lou returned to find an army of trolls had invaded his sacred homeland to mine its natural magic resources. Zoo Lou's warrior heart burned with fury. And having now mastered the enchanted art of communicating with nature and summoning animals, he unleashed his great mojo - attacking the trolls and single handedly freeing his lands once again.

So Zoo Lou is a Life Element Skylander, and after many a discussion, Chester and I have decided Zoo Lou is a bear! Chester says he has got some great upgrades, he has so far upgraded him so that he can ride a boar who attacks enemies. But he is working towards the upgrade that enables a wolf to dig up food for him when his health is low!

Last week, we took Zoo Lou on holiday with us on our trip down to my parents in Dorset, and this is what he got up to outside of his Skylander game....

The adventures started with a trip to the beach, apparently Zoo Lou had never built a sandcastle before, so Chester showed him what to do, and then made him king of the castle!

Next, we took him to the cinema to see Rio 2! Some of Zou Lou's best Skylanders friends are birds so he really enjoyed watching this film!

We went on a picnic...

But Zoo Lou ate too much food, so on the way back, he needed to hitch a lift on Millie's pushchair for a rest!

That evening, we went to a motorbike meet on Poole Quay, it was a first time for all of us, and none of us could believe just how many bikes were there!

We popped into the amusements on the way back from the bike meet...

Lastly, we took him to the farm, where he got to be with the things he loves the most... Animals...

 All in all I think its safe to say that Zoo Lou had a great time holidaying with us. But I also think it's fair to say that he needs a rest now, before going back into his Skylanders Swap Force game!

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