Wednesday, 9 April 2014

REVIEW: My Little Box of Springtime Stories

My Little Box of Springtime Stories is an adorable carry case which includes five Easter-themed springtime stories. Released this month, recommended for ages 3-6 and priced at £9.99.

The stories are Fred and the Little Egg, Babbity's Big Bad Mood, Rosie's Special Surprise, A Duck So Small and Dora's Chicks.

As mentioned above, these books come in their own carry case, which we loved. We went to stay at my Aunts at the weekend and we took the carry case with us, it didn't take up too much room and we had five stories to choose from at bed time!

Our favourite of the five stories has to be Fred and the Little Egg, its a sweet story about a bear cub who wants to hatch his own egg! Millie loved the Dora's Chicks book because she loved looking at the pictures on each page and trying to find the missing chicks! We were distracted lots by this book, because of the amount of lovely farm animals to spot!

What I would say about these books is that they are filled with words. For me that is not a bad thing as I LOVE to read. For Chester, and especially Millie it was hard to keep their attention until the end of the story. So I would say that the age recommendation needs to be aimed a little higher, maybe aged 4-7.

The books are paperback with glossy covers and non glossy pages inside. The inside pages are a little on the thin side and for this reason I would not let Chester or Millie hold the books themselves as I could see them easily getting ripped by accident.

For £9.99 I think the books are priced correctly. You are getting 5 really lovely stories in a lovely carry case for that price. I can honestly say my only negatives are the suggested age range and perhaps the quality of the paper used. The stories are perfect for this time of year, Spring, where baby animals are seen a lot. We talk about animals a lot and these books have fueled the animals talks further.

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