Sunday, 13 April 2014

REVIEW: Little Tiger Kids: Baby Animals Sticker Activities & FarmAnimals Sticker Activities books.

We have been noticing a lot of animals around us recently, what with Millie and her baby panda obsession (yes that is still going), and lambing season being underway, a lot of our discussions seem to be about animals at the moment.

We were recently sent Little Tiger Kids: Baby Animals Sticker Activities & Farm Animals Sticker Activities books. They are new out this month and are aimed at Children aged 3-5 and RRP at £6.99.

Each book has 80 pages filled with activities, doodles and learning activities. Over 200 photographic stickers are also included!

As its the Easter Holidays I thought that now would be a great time to get the books out, on those rainy days they have proved to be very popular with Chester (who as you know is 5), but also with Millie who is only 2. 

Obviously Millie is really only interested in the stickers and all the pictures of the animals, but even so they kept her attention for a large amount of time. Chester is very inquisitive, he loved the little challenges. For instance in the Farm book it asks if you can match these items to the farm animal or crop that they come from. So we had lots of long discussions about where the wool came from, eventually agreeing that it came from a sheep of course! Chester is also a fan of Dot to Dot so these were also a favourite with him!

These books are really fun and have captured both of my childrens attention. We have used them lots, yet they still have lots left to do. 

I think that they are great, not only because they keep the children occupied, but also because they are helping them learn through play. Its promoting not only problem solving skills, but also language development. I remember one page in the baby animals book asking you to count the flowers. I did this with Millie and she did a great job at counting, and was so pleased with herself when she managed to count all four!

In conclusion, we have really enjoyed these books. For the amount of content they have in them I think they are totally worth the £6.99. I agree with the 3-5 age range, actually I would even go as far as saying a 6 year old would still be attracted to these books too. Whilst Millie enjoyed the books, at 2 she is a little too young for some of the activities. They are great for using at home or even for long travel journeys. In fact they are coming with us on our 3 hour trip to visit my parents next week!

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