Friday, 18 April 2014

Old El Paso REVIEW

Fajitas are featured at least twice a month on my family meal plan. I would be lying if I said we eat them because we love mexican food, because we have not really tried anything else even slightly mexican.

That is until now. Because we were sent this lovely bundle of Old El Paso meal ideas to try....

As a family we have very differing tastes when it comes to how spicy we like our food. I prefer things to be on the mild side, as does Millie. Chester likes his food to be a bit more than mild and Craig likes medium to hot. This can be difficult when planning meals, but I discovered with Old El Paso that it is a lot easier than you think to lower or raise the spice level and still get lots of flavour!

I am alway looking for quick and easy meal ideas. So we decided to try out the Extra Mild Super Tasty One Pan Rice Meal. All we needed to add to complete the meal was Chicken, and our choice of vegetables! It claimed to be ready in 20 minutes, and it didn't disappoint! It really was very simple to prepare and cook, first you cook your diced chicken, then you add your veg, your rice and your sauce and spice mix sachets along with some water. Then leave to simmer for 10 minutes!

The sauce is creamy lime flavour and we think it was a really great flavour combination. Unsurprisingly Craig said it could of done with a little more heat for him, but as a family it was a really enjoyable dish!

Its the Easter Holidays, and one of the things I really struggle with is keeping up with the amount of food Chester eats! As the saying goes, he is eating me out of house and home! So one lunch time I decided to give the Quesadilla's a go.

It says to use chicken for these, but as we had no chicken in the fridge that day, I improvised and used sausages instead! The kit includes 8 Corn Tortillas, 1 Quesadilla Spice Mix, 1 Mild Original Salsa. Again, this was ready to eat within 20 minutes! Very easy to prepare and cook. You simply add the spice mix to your cooked sausages, put your Corn tortillas into a lightly oiled pan, add a little grated cheese, once it has melted add a little salsa and your sausage (or chicken) mix. Fold over, place onto a plate and cut into generous triangles!

I was really surprised by these, as we have Fajitas a lot I just assumed that the Tortillas would be the same as the ones we use for those. But corn Tortillas are very different. Once they are cooked, although they come out of the pan quite soft, they firm up within a minute or so. The texture is really different and I really liked them. Sadly, the children were not so sure.

Old El Paso have also brought out a new range of casserole mix's and the Warming Paprika and Herbs casserole mix is on my meal plan for next week! I am super excited about that one, as you all know I LOVE my slow cooker! I am also a little nervous though as the heat is medium on this one!

Do you like Mexican foods? What spice level do you prefer?
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