Saturday, 19 April 2014

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside....

You may remember me saying a little while ago, that my parents had moved a few hours away to Dorset. Well last week, we decided to make use of this and have ourselves a little holiday! By we, I mean Chester, Millie and I. Sadly Craig couldn't get the time off of work, so he had to miss out again.

We had a really great time, Chester and Millie adore their Nannie and Grandad, so they really loved spending time with them. I think its safe to say the children wore my Parents out! They still can't get over the fact that the children have so much energy!

We did manage to fit in quite a lot, and I will be writing separate posts for some of the things we got up to as I don't think just one paragraph would do them justice!

Over the week, I realised just how much I rely on my car back home. Where my parents live, everything is easily accessible and most things are within walking distance, they are so lucky. Buses are so much cheaper than in Kent and run a lot more frequently. At home I need to use my car, and if I am honest, I enjoy using it. But in Dorset, I enjoyed leaving my car parked up and using my legs more!

We were very lucky that the weather was great whilst we were there, so we managed to spend most of our time in the fresh air! We visited Lulworth Cove, Sandbanks beach (twice!), Poole Quay, Bournemouth Oceanarium and Honeybrook Farm! We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the cinema, a picnic in the park, swimming, Poole Bike Night, a couple of trips to the Arcades, Fish and chips by the sea and some shopping!!

Phew! what a week!

So a big thank you to my parents for having us to stay! Now please excuse me while I have a rest!!!

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