Thursday, 24 April 2014

Millionaire Genie with

I have always really wanted to go to Bingo. I know some of my friends go and really enjoy it. But unfortunately it's just never happened. I never seem to have any real spare time, especially for myself, so it always gets put off.

I had never had a go a online bingo either, to me the reason I wanted to go to Bingo was to have a laugh with my friends. But recently I was asked if I would like to try out a game of Millionaire Genie on It's not a game of bingo, it is infact a slot type game. I was credited with £5 and with the jackpot being over £450,000 I wasn't going to say no! You've gotta be in it to win it as the saying goes!

Well as I am sat in my living room typing this and not somewhere exotic, I clearly didn't win the big money! But I did give it a good go! 

Reading through the instructions this it what they said.... 

You’ll see bags of gold, ancient books, emerald-eyed cobras, ornate keys and magic lamps all spinning round on the reels, but the extra-special symbols are the Genie and the girl in the pink scarf. The girl acts as the game’s bonus symbol: find three or more of her and you’ll trigger the Genie’s Palace bonus round. Here, you’ll have to make two important wishes: one decides your initial prize, and the other determines the multiplier that comes along with it.The Genie’s close-up shot acts as the game’s scatter symbol, which means that if you find three or more of these anywhere on your reels, you’re in a for a series of completely free games! Of course, the genie will have to consult his abacus first to decide just how many you’ll get, but once he’s got his maths right, he’ll unfold a scroll to let you know! Then, he’ll work some mysterious magic on the reels and conjure up the sticky wild Millionaire Genie title symbols. These symbols stay on your reels throughout your free spins, increasing your chances of landing those super high-scoring combinations!

Finally there’s that huge progressive jackpot. It’s awarded at random, so the more time you spend getting to know your new blue friend, the better your chances are of winning it! 

I read through these instructions, several times, I can honestly say I still did not have a clue! I have played slot machines before, and understand the concept of finding 3 in a row and being able to hold and nudge. This game seemed nothing like this?! 

I was excited to play though and thought I would just pick it up as I went on. 

The game was easy to load, and I could easily see that you could bet differing ammounts of money! I decided to play it safe and bet 1p, which as there are 15 tiles is 15p a go. 

The most I won in one go was £1.05, but when I did win, even the little ammounts had me excited! I suppose that is why it is so popular! 


Sadly I have to say, I still do not really understand the game, I couldn't tell you how I came to win. The game does put lines up to show how you have won, but even then I didn't quite get it! 

I think overall I would of had more fun if I understood the game more. I know how addictive these games can become, so I chose to stick to my £5 and not add anymore. 

Do you enjoy playing Bingo games?

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Disclaimer: I was credited with £5 to play Millionaire Genie and compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions are my own. 

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