Friday, 4 April 2014

Millie, Millie, MILLIE!!!

Oh she does know how to worry us! 


Last week she and Chester got a bit boisterous on the Trampoline and Chester fell onto Millie. 

She was screaming in pain and was unable to walk more than a few steps before collapsing. We took her to our local minor injuries and they were concerned. 

She had some x-rays and after consulting a specialist at another hospital they decided that nothing was broken. Thankfully.

She was sent home on the advice that she should be given Calpol and ibroprofen for the pain, and that if it should get worse, or no better we were to take her straight to a bigger hospital. Which is around 20-30 minutes drive from us. 

Well almost a week went by, the collapsing was still happening but not nearly as much. But she was screaming in pain around 4-6 times a day, including waking in the night, which is really unusual for her. 

She was clearly still in a lot of pain. I spoke to our local hospital, they told me to take her straight to the A&E hospital 20-30 minutes away from us. So I did. 

Boy did I regret it!! We got there, and as you would expect, it was busy. That was fine I was expecting it. But they way they deal with the amount of people is just awful! 

First you give just your name and date of birth at reception, then 20 minutes later triage call you through. They speak to you for all of a minute, you then go back into reception where 10 minutes later you are called to the desk so that they can put all of your details on the system. Yes, those details they could of taken when you walked in! So far 30- 40 minutes has been wasted. 

Next we were sent through to the peadiatric unit. You would think that this would mean that you are now on a new queuing system, where all the children waiting to be seen are seen in order of when they came in. Wrong. They are still in the same que as everyone else. 

This wouldn't of been so much of a problem, I am happy for Millie to wait her turn, regardless of age. However, what happened next was just wrong. After we had waited nearly 2 hours, the time stated at reception as the wait time. A receptionist came through to find us, to tell us that as they were busy we would be seen by a doctor instead and that Millie's appointment would be at 8.30pm. That was almost 2 hours away!! I was fuming! 

The triage nurse was at reception, so I quizzed her about it. She brushed it off saying oh the injury is over 3 days old so we just send you to the doctors. So who was telling the truth here?! That is something we will never know. We were fobbed off from start to finish. 

We were eventually seen, and the doctor we saw was very good with Millie, he checked her over thoroughly and eventually decided that what was causing the pain was infact muscle spasms, caused by the injury. Nothing can be done and they will fade away soon, hopefully. 

I am very grateful that it seems to be nothing more serious, and I really hope the pain goes away for her sooner rather than later. 

Has anyone had any similar experiences with their child? I would love to know. 

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