Monday, 7 April 2014

Make your own pom poms!

One of the memories I have from my own childhood is going to summer holiday clubs and making our own pom poms. I have always wanted to make them with my own children, so when I looked out of my window and saw rain this morning, I thought it was an ideal time to teach them! 

All you need is some cardboard, some wool and some scissors! 

I cut out some circles from the cardboard, you need two per pom pom, so make sure each size is cut out twice. Then cut the middles out of your cardboard. 

You need quite a bit of wool. I ravelled it around my fingers until it only just fit into the whole in the circles.

We tied 1 end of wool to the cardboard ring, and the wrapped the wool around the circle, by pushing it through the hole in the middle and back round. 

Even Millie joined in...

When you have run out of wool or space to push wool through, tuck the end of wool into your weave. Then cut the edge of the wool, where you should find your 2 cardboard rings. Use these as your guide to finish cutting all the way around. 

Cut a length of string and place it inbetween your 2 cardboard rings, tie it tightly and secure with 2 or 3 knots. 

Then push your pom pom out of your cardboard ring! 

They are really easy to make, we used multicoloured wool to get this effect. We are going to use the pom poms to make some Easter crafty things! 

What do you think?!

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