Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kids Stuff Crazy Soap!

I am very lucky that, apart from hair wash time, Chester and Millie both really like bath time. At the moment they have been using Millies Little Mermaid bath toys to create an imaginative game. Its always nice to shake things up a bit though, so we were really happy when we got a lovely delivery from Kids Stuff Crazy Soap, with a selection of their childrens bath products to try...

Lovingly developed and produced in the UK in response to a parent’s battle to achieve a stress free bath time, Kids Stuff Crazy Soap has been delivering bath time fun for over 20 years.

At Kids Stuff they know exactly how important it is to know what you are putting on your child. Committed to developing child friendly products that promote fun whilst gently cleansing delicate fingers and toes, the entire range is PH balanced and free from Paraben. If you are like me, and worry about the products that are being put on our children's delicate skin then take a read of the full list of exact ingredients on the the Kids Stuff Crazy Soap website. I love that they have put it in plain English, so that you know exactly what each long unpronounceable word means! Real peace of mind.

Kids Stuff Crazy Bath Time Fun Soap (RRP £2.00)

The Fun Soap is is a classic isn't it, I vaguely remember this from my childhood, its more my Sisters era. The bath time fun soap is super pliable foam soap. We tried it out in Original White, but you can also get it in Glorious Green. It has got a lovely fruity scent to it, and it even bounces! Chester especially, loved this one! He made a few shapes with his, whereas Millie tended to just plonk it in the water, where it quickly disappeared!

Kids Stuff Crazy Bath Time Body Paint (RRP £2.50)

Oh my gosh! The body paint was a big hit with both Children, Millie could not stop giggling when I drew a smiley face on her tummy!

We tried it in red colour, it is very messy, but it does wash off easily. The shape and size of the tube made it easy for both Chester and Millie to grip, although Chester did manage to loose the sponge part of it fairly early on! It has a mild and gentle formula, my only gripe is that is tends to clump up in the bath after you have washed it off.

Kids Stuff Crazy Bubble Baths (RRP £2.50)

Shake it, mix it and watch the liquid magically change before your eyes! Shake & Splash Bubble Bath come in purple and green changing colours, each with a collectable bath friendly ‘Crazy Crew’ finger puppet character to choose from.

I have to say, we honestly really was not impressed with this product. The bubbles did not seem to last very long at all. I originally thought it was because we were using the other products at the same time, but they used it on its own for another bathtime and the bubbles had disappeared before they had even got in.

It also leaves a nasty coloured film around the bathtub, which took an extra bit of elbow grease to clean off!

I can understand why it does this though, as to get the shake and splash effect they use oils in the bubble bath. So on the plus side, both children came out of the bath incredibly soft!

Crazy Soap is suitable for children aged 3+ under adult supervision and should not be used on the face, mouth, eyes, ears or broken skin.

I think the children's favourite has to be the body paint, they had so much fun with it, I can see it going on our shopping list!

Crazy Soap is available at a selection of retailers including Tesco, Morrisons and Boots.

Do your children enjoy bath time, do you think these products could help make it a more exciting time for them?!
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