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Kiddicare launches what I wish i'd known..

 I dont know about you, but when I was pregnant with my first child, I had lots of questions. Most of those questions (but not all) were answered by the midwifes or close friends. I had never been pregnant before, so naturally I had lots of worries and concernsUltimately all I wanted was for our baby to be ok, I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I should to make that possible. 

This feeling carried on after he was born. Only after he was born, I felt a lot more on my own, in terms of support. I didnt want to ask the midwives and health visitors (what I thought were) stupid questions. So I didn't ask them. In fact, I managed to fool the health visitor in to thinking I knew what I was doing so much that they signed me off after only the second visit! When Chester was just 1 month old! 

Chester at 1 month old!
I lived to regret this,  looking back I realise that I had lots to ask them. They wouldn't of felt any less of me for asking for help! 

But that was almost 6 years ago (that makes me feel old!) Lots has changed since then, including the way we use the internet. Baby specialist Kiddicare have launched a new, free website called 'What I Wish I'd Known' (WIWIK) to gather real experiences and handy hints from parents. Mums and dads are invited to share their stories at, via Twitter using the hashtag #wiwik, or on Kididcare’s Facebook page  

Kiddicare recently conducted a study (by censuswide, it surveyed 1000 UK parents, who have had children in the past 2 years).The study revealed that 41% of parents wouldn’t accept or ask for help from family members or friends for fear it showed they were not coping; preferring to put on a ‘brave face’. Despite this admission, almost all (98%) new parents did say they would welcome more realistic advice and experiences from those that are already parents.

Even with all the mod cons of the 21st century, 84% believe parenthood is harder today than for previous generations. Images in popular culture of the ‘perfect parent’ successfully juggling family life and work whilst looking effortlessly chic, mount further pressure on today’s new mums and dads, according to 92% of those surveyed.

Here are the results for my area, the South East...
  • 74% of new parents found the first three months of parenthood much harder than expected
  • 88% admit to exaggerating how well they're coping
  • 37% of parents wouldn’t accept or ask for help from family members or friends for fear it showed they were not coping
  • 98% new parents did say they would welcome more realistic advice and experiences from those that are already parents
If I was asked these questions just after having Chester I would of agreed with all of them. If i'm honest, I would of answered the same after having Millie too! Everyone thinks that after you have had one, you know what you are doing and can cope. But that is not always the case! Looking after two little people is as much a struggle as looking after one I think! 

I think the new Kiddicare WIWIK site is a great idea! Its nice to read other peoples honest stories. Its nice to get some hints and tips, and to be able to ask questions without being judged! 

Celebrities are even getting involved with WIWIK....

Dame Sarah Storey and Paralympic cyclist; “I wish I’d known quite how much breastfeeding determines your day! We don’t have a routine, we feed on demand – I‘m a fan of letting Louisa lead the way. The female body is an amazing thing; I love that I can train and breastfeed. It’s incredibly rewarding seeing her grow entirely from my milk.”

 Katie Piper, campaigner and TV presenter; “I should have just got new bras straight away. I’d get in a cab at the end of the day and feel so uncomfortable I had to undo it! I thought maternity bras would be really frumpy, I didn’t realise they were so nice!“

 Apprentice finalist Claire Young; “I wish I’d known the amount of washing you do with a baby – it’s never ending. And on a more serious note, I wish I’d understood that there’s still a negative connotation associated with being a single parent. It is the most challenging, but the most rewarding, role out there and should be celebrated.”

Personally, my top piece of advice would be to invest in baby sleeping bags. Both of my children slept really well once they were in those!

Do you have any advice to share? It would be great if you could get involved and share your advice over on WIWIK, or if you are looking for advice, pop over and see if anyone can answer your questions! 


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