Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Flora Buttery Family Funspiration Activity Guide

I love my family life, I get to stay at home in the daytime with Millie (and Chester when he is not at School), but I would be lying if I said everyday was perfect! Its very challenging being an (almost) full time stay at home Mum. I am constantly looking for inspiration for ways to keep the children entertained, especially in the School holidays. This Easter Holidays I have been lucky enough to have some help with that inspiration, in the form of Flora's Family Funspiration Activity Guide .

The guide features 15 activities that require no more than 5 items (most of which are everyday items that you would have in your home) and take just 15 minutes to prepare. The activities are aimed at children aged 3-11, but there are also little tips to make the activities a bit simpler for younger children or more challenging for older children. Fab for me as Millie really loves to join in with everything Chester does, so I can adapt some things for her too!

The activity guide certainly gave me inspiration! I plan to do as as many of the activities as I can with the children, it is going to give us lots to look forward to in the summer holidays! But for now I want to tell you about a couple of the activities we have done so far and will certainly be doing again!

The first one I decided to do with the children was on the first really rainy day of the holidays. It was the Secret Den. As soon as I read about this activity it reminded me of something similar my Sister and I used to do as children. It brought back loads of happy memories.

All I needed was an old sheet, some cushions, a rug and some clips (it also stated safety pins, but I didnt need them). On the how to do it section it suggested using dining room chairs to make pillars to throw the sheet over, so this is what I did. After I created the den I called Chester and Millie in and they were VERY excited! I noticed that we had a few soft toy animals, so I told the children that we were in a den in the middle of the jungle and the animals needed saving!

That is all that I needed to say, Chester's imagination then took charge, with Millie hanging on his every word, we were soon on a rescue mission! Two naughty snakes had captured the animals and we needed to save them!

As the morning went on, we also needed to provide the animals with medical care as the snakes had bitten them!

We had a picnic lunch in the camp, I rewarded the children for their hard work saving the animals with animal shaped biscuits!

We had a great morning, I was amazed at how long the children were happily playing along and using their imaginations. Needless to say both Children have asked if we can make a den again!

The second one is no surprise given my love for baking! It was the Easy Peasy Cupcakes! Chester had some friends coming over to play in the afternoon and keeping him entertained was proving difficult. He kept asking are they coming yet, when are they coming, is it time yet. On repeat! So I had a quick check for ingredients in the cupboards and we set about making the cakes!

They were extremely easy to make, both children loved making them, and it passed away enough time to keep them busy until the friends arrived!

So to conclude I would totally recommend this Activity guide, it has certainly inspired me. When you have run out of ideas, it is really nice to have something to turn to and say 'oh yes thats a great idea and really easy to do'! That's certainly what I was saying!

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