Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bournemouth Oceanarium

We did some pretty fun things whilst holidaying at my parents home in Dorset last week. One of the things the children, Millie especially, keep mentioning is our trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium.

When I was researching places to visit in Dorset I came across the Oceanarium. After reading mixed reviews I decided to go with my instinct and go see what it was like for myself. 

I pre booked my tickets online as a discount was offered. I was plesently surprised that It only cost me a total of £11.45 for Chester and I. Millie was free because she is only 2. Another great thing about booking the tickets online was that it gave me a time frame in which to use my tickets. I didn't need to use them on a specific date, just by a specific date. Meaning if I slightly changed my plans that week it wouldn't of been a problem. I also loved the fact that I didn't need to print my tickets, only give my reference number. On holiday you are not likely to have a printer to hand, so it's great to still be able to take advantage of the cheaper online price! 

The Oceanarium is situated next to Bournemouth pier. Car parks are situated nearby as is the bus station. In fact, if you get the bus, you can walk through some public beautiful gardens to get to the Oceanarium. 

My one big concearn when visiting was what I would do with Millie's pushchair. You may remember me saying in my previous post, that sadly Craig couldn't get the time off of work so (apart from the days my parents were off of work) I was on my own with the two cheeky monkeys! When we arrived, the lovely lady on reception explained that there was a lift and I was quite welcome to leave my pushchair in the designated area or take it round with us. This was a relief, and as Millie was in such a good mood I decided to put Millie on the reins and leave the pushchair!

So we were now ready to explore the Oceanarium, both children and me were very excited! 

The first tanks we saw housed some pretty big fish! Millie was adamant they were going to eat her! She made a few people giggle by telling the fish off and saying 'don't eat me, don't eat Millie, no no'! Eagle eyed Chester looked up and spotted an fish tank on the ceiling, he was fascinated by this! 

We saw lots of fish whilst walking around. Millie of course was most taken by the clown fish (or Nemos as she calls them).

Chester and I LOVED watching the giant turtles from above and below, we spent ages just watching them. 

Chester was amazed at the size of this turtle shell on display...

We all loved watching the cheeky otters, they were playing together both in and out of the water, we all agreed we were jealous of their sea view enclosure! 

We also saw 2 very large lobsters, a seahorse, some pretty (but dangerous) lion fish, some sharks, some eels, lots of different dragons/lizards and lots more! 

We even managed to squeeze in some colouring! 

Overall I think we spent just over 2 hours in the Oceanarium, our ticket allowed us to come and go throughout the day, which makes it even more great value to money. 

We had a really lovely morning and the children have not stopped talking about it since! We will certainly be coming back in the summer, but with one change.... We will be bringing Craig, he has heard so much about it he wants to see it for himself! 


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