Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tree Fu Tom 3d Adventures App review


Hands up who loves Tree Fu Tom?!! All hands up here! Chester really loves to watch Tree Fu Tom, he especially loves it when he gets to do the moves to make the magic work! He even has the Tree Fu Tom moves mat, which he loves! Millie of course just loves to copy him!

It goes without saying that both Children love my Ipad! I do let them have goes occasionally, if they are supervised. Chester has his own tablet, but sometimes only my Ipad will do! 

So when we found out a new Tree Fu Tom app was available to download, we were all super excited! The very first Tree Fu Tom App Tree Fu Tom 3D Adventures, based on the hit CBeebies series, was released on Monday 17th February and is available from the App Store for iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, iPad 2, 3rd gen, 4th gen, mini, mini with retina display and air and iPod touch 5th gen for £2.99. 

Developed by Crane Media and FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment the app uses ground-breaking SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) augmented reality technology, that allows users to fly Tom in real world surroundings. 

Simply by holding a smartphone or tablet above a magazine or book, you can launch Tom and his sidekick Twigs into the real world for highly interactive game play and magical augmented reality fun.  The app allows children to make their favourite characters take to the skies, leafboard across the room, land on objects, talk and do Movement Magic all in their own environment.

Well that sounds amazing doesn't it?!! 

The app is really easy to navigate, it has tutorials for all games. I have to say that we can't quite understand the 3d part of the game, even with the tutorial! We can make Tom appear but cant quite get him to move as he should! 



However, this has not stopped Chester and Millie's enjoyment of the game. There are 3 other games to have fun with and each one is easy enough for Millie who is only 2, then Chester selects a harder level option for himself, he is 5. 

Nectar Collector: Users have to help the bees gather honey against their own world backdrop, in this game you have to push the bees to the hole in the hive. Great for hand eye co ordination! 


Slimeweed Defence: Users have to tilt their device to defend themselves against the slime-spitting weeds. This one, you have to be really quick to spot which flower is going to attempt to spit weeds at you and shield yourself before it does! It gets progressively harder too!


Aphid Rescue:  Children first trace their finger around the pattern to activate the ‘Super Net Go Spell’ then touch left and right on the screen to bounce the baby aphids on the Net and give them a soft landing. This is by far Chester and Millies favourite game! you have to save the Aphids from falling onto the floor, by catching them with the safety net! 


Available from the app store for £2.99 we think it is a great buy! It is a really fun app, Chester and Millie have certainly enjoyed playing on it! 

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