Sunday, 23 March 2014

The adventures of Bobby Bear....

This weekend, Chester got to bring home the School bear, Bobby.

He was so super excited about it, Chester is a rough and tough boy but he can still be caring and compassionate too! I mean as soon as we got in the car, he made sure Bobby was strapped in!

So at the age of 5 I thought it was about time Chester did a guest post for me! He was very excited when I asked him!

So here we go, this is what happened when Bobby Bear came to stay, written by Chester (with a bit of help from Mummy) ....

 I got Bobby bear and I was excited. I put him in the car and put his seatbelt on. He was sitting next to me. 

We took Bobby bear to the park. I put him on my shoulders. Millie tried to put her thumper on her shoulders, it was funny! 

I swinged him on the swing, but he fell out and I told him off!!


I wanted to take him on the slide but I climbed to the top and it was too wet! Mummy told me to get back down. Millie had to get back down too. 

I tried to spin Bobby bear on the round a bout but I couldn't do it, he kept falling off! It got cold and windy so we went home. 

The next day I took Bobby bear into the garden to jump on my old trampoline when Daddy was building the new one. 

I played Angry Bird Go on Mummy's iPad and showed Bobby bear. 

I am sad Bobby bear is going back to School, he is very cute. 

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