Sunday, 2 March 2014

Snooze Shade plus deluxe review

It's been just over three months since we returned for the children's first trip to Walt Disney World. I have admitted before that I have totally got the Disney blues, I loved being wrapped up in the fantasy bubble. Not having a care in the world for two whole weeks. Totally loved it. 

But now it's back to reality. I have loads of memories which I am sure I will write about and reference to for years to come. But in the mean time I want to tell you about a product that was always with us whilst we were in the Florida sunshine. That product is Snoozeshade

I have mentioned it before because it was very useful last summer in this country too. The Snoozeshade is a special cover for your pushchair. It's a universal fit so should fit most pushchairs. 

We were sent the SnoozeShade Plus (Deluxe) to review. The snoozeshade does two very important jobs. Firstly, as a sunshade. It is able to shade a baby from 80% of UV rays. Secondly, as a sleep aid. By using the snooze panel to create shade and seclusion. 
Made from a double layer of breathable, lightweight and stretchy mesh fabric. The SnoozeShade has the added benefit of providing protection from wind, chill and insects when the central panel is closed or in sleep mode. So that makes It perfect for holidays, days out, exercising with the buggy, popping to the shops or just when you want to keep the sun from getting in your baby's eyes.
This made it an essential piece of luggage for our trip to Florida. Even in November the heat was low to mid 80's. I wanted to make sure Millie was as comfortable as possible whilst in her pushchair. 
The SnoozeShade comes in a handy carry bag, so it was very easy to just hang onto the buggy handle when we were not using. It is also machine washable at 30 degrees! How great is that?!
It was really easy to put onto the buggy too, so when we had got to the parks and worked out our plan for the day it took up hardly any of our precious park time before it was on and we were ready to go! 
It's worth noting that your buggy must have a hood/sunshade for the SnoozeShade to work, we have a Cosatto Supa and it did fit really well. Our only problem was that Millie (who was 21 months at the time) is quite tall for her age, so her feet did peek out of the bottom! 
It has 2 soft mesh windows which are easily opened or closed. This was great for when Millie was just at falling asleep time, but was getting distracted by all things Disney! She could still see out but the darkness allowed her to drift off with no upsets. 

The material is breathable, this is something I was concerned about before we used the SnoozeShade, in the Florida heat I didn't want her to overheat. But I had nothing to worry about, and actually I would say that it kept her cooler than us! 
The SnoozeShade range starts at £19.99, the Deluxe plus that we have reviewed is £34.99 and I would say that it is worth every penny. Especially if you are going to use it from birth, it is a real investment! 

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