Thursday, 20 March 2014

Parents evening

So as the title suggests, yesterday was parents evening.

I have often said that I would love to be a fly on the wall in Chester's class. I would love to see how he acts at School compared to at home. 

As you know, since the Christmas break We have seen a big change in Chester. He is already half way through his very first year at School and it shows. He is like a little sponge, and since Christmas all his hard work learning has really paid off. He is finally showing an interest in reading and writing, his reading especially has come on so much. But he can have moments when he goes back a step, when he can't be bothered, when he claims he doesn't know the word 'the' when he has recognised and said it 100 times before. 

When we ask Chester what he has done at School he usually replies with can't remember or running around and fighting! Luckily we know that is not true (most of the time) but that doesn't stop you worrying does it?! 

We were in Walt Disney World for the last parents evening, so this was our first parents evening and we didn't really know what to expect! 

When we arrived at the School we were pleased to see that Chester's classroom was open for us to look around, and that his work books were out on the table for us to see. I looked through his news book and that was super cute to see what he had written about what he has done on the weekends. It was in this book I could see just how much his writing has come on. Don't get me wrong, he has a long way to go, but his personal progress is amazing! 

You get 10 timed minutes with the teacher for parents evening, so it was all a bit rushed. But in those 10 minutes we were told lots of lovely things. It's clear that his teacher really cares about the children. She is doing a fantastic job, she recognises Chester's strengths and weaknesses and uses them to help his learning. She knows when he needs to be challenged or when he need encouragement. He is on course to reach his correct learning levels and he excels in his maths. He works well in groups and asks questions when he wants to further his learning on a subject. But more importantly, I think, he is getting on really well with his class mates. His social skills are great and he is turning into a very caring and kind little boy. This is what brought a tear to my eye to be honest. Chester may be a boisterous 5 year old with tons of energy, but deep down he is a very caring and compassionate little boy, and that makes me super proud. 

Finally we were reminded to go back into his classroom to take a look at the walls. I'm glad we did. We were told Chester is very good on the computers and just that day he had drawn 2 turtles using the computers for their Noah board.... 


Then we spotted a picture of his on the work of the week board! It's a drawing of a train, and let me tell you, for Chester this is a massive achievement! 


Overall we are really happy with Chester's progress at School, and super happy with his teachers and the School in general! 


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