Thursday, 6 March 2014

Our Arctic inspired fun continues!

We had so much fun over half term with our Arctic sensory play! Its something that both children really loved.

But we also had lots of fun with some books over half term, in fact we had so much fun that we are still reading them and learning from them now, over a week on!

Macmillan books kindly sent us these books to help with our Arctic inspired half term. So a massive thank you to them, I was totally shocked (and a little bit teary) when these came through the post. 

The book that Chester has taken to the most is the Polar Lands book (bottom right in the picture).  It starts by telling you all about the Arctic and Antarctic. Then each page has a new animal to discover with lots of bite sized information. I think the bite sized information is why this book is so appealing to Chester. He is absorbing little chunks at a time. Then each page leads on from the previous by linking gently to the food chain of the Arctic/Antarctic animals. Lots of pictures and diagrams, Chester favorite was the picture of the polar bears claws!

Discover Science Polar Lands it a fantastic book. As much as it is a children's book, it was great for me to reference too! We loved reading all about Igloos and the Inuit people. At the back of this book it has some really fun and easy projects to do, so look out for future posts linking to this book! I really loved this book too, and looking at the back of the book at £5.99 I can see that I will more than likely be purchasing a few more in the range!  

You may remember I have mentioned before that ever since watching Disney's Frozen Chester has been obsessed with all things ice, snow and arctic. Well to be specific, what actually started it was the Northern Lights that were shown at the very beginning of the film. My Parents are actually going on a cruise this month and something on their itinerary (and the reason for this holiday) is to see the Northern Lights. So when we were looking through the I wonder why Penguins can't fly book, Chester was thrilled to see a picture of the Northern Lights. It had a small paragraph of information in it which explained perfectly how the Northern lights exist! 

It does seem that I have not really included Millie in any of this, but in actual fact, she is loving it just as much as Chester! We have watched Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2. Millie at the age of only 2 understands less than her big brother, but she has really enjoyed all of our Arctic learning. She has been looking at the pictures and learning the different animals. 

Amongst the books we were sent were 3 really lovely story books. Two in particular captured the attention and imagination of both Chester and Millie. We have Betty and the Yetti to thank for Chester's Yetti play idea when we had the ice sensory play out. The baby Polar bear and baby Wolf in The Littlest Bear have inspired Millie's new found craze to pretend to be a baby animal! This week it is a baby Panda by the way! 

Its World Book Day today ( 6th March) and these books are firmly on our reading list! It great that as a country we have access to such fantastic books!

After seeing how well the theme week went (I can see the Childrens obsession with the Arctic lasting quite a while) I am already thinking forward to the summer holidays, I am certainly going to do at least two themed weeks then! But for now, I am sure we will have lots of Arctic inspired craft days and maybe I will even have to sneak in a couple of baking days too! 

*Please note, I was not asked to write this post. I have written it because we have had such a great time reading, learning and exploring about the Arctic and I wanted to let you all know how much fun we have had! 

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