Thursday, 20 March 2014

My final thoughts on lighter life Fast

In January I wrote a post about how I wanted to change a few things in my life, I vowed to buy a new item of clothing a month for myself. So far I have failed on that because I didn't buy anything in February! I did buy a lovely butterfly top the other day though, so at least March has been ticked off! 

I also really wanted to sort my diet out.

You may remember a little while back I was trialling out the Lighter life Fast diet. You may remember that I didn't particularly like the food but was going to persevere as much as I could. 

Well I just wanted to update you and give you my final thoughts...

I failed miserably! I haven't dared weigh myself as I know I have put weight on! I couldn't get on with the food at all. It put me off to be honest. So even when I tried to do my own 5:2 diet I still failed miserably as all I wanted to eat were naughty treats that I wasn't allowed! 

I think for a diet to work for me, I need to have something that is following a very strict routine. Having only 2 days where you have to be extra good was not a great move for me. I was just making excuses on the other 5 days about not having to be careful with what I was eating because it wasn't my 'diet day'. 

But I do have something really positive that has come out of this experience. After chatting with some if the Mums up at the School about my experiences and about how I wanted to change what I eat and my excersice. It was clear that I was not alone, we could all sympathise with each other that time and convenience are a big factor when it comes to our food and excersise choices. 

Shortly after these discussions, one of the Mums who already has a business in London running boot camps, set up a boot camp in our home town! It's been running a couple of weeks now and I have attended two of the classes. My intention is to attend 3 a week, I need to work this around Craig's days off and Millie. Millie came to one of the classes with me and was an absolute star, but I wouldn't want to take her along every time. 

What is great is that we all support each other, we are all at different abilities but no one judges you for how well (or not so well) you do. It's an hour long class and is pretty intense, but it has made me realise that excersise can be fun! It used to be something I dread, but now it's something I look forward too! 

I have started writing meal plans, so that we stick to them rather than grab something quick and unhealthy. Most weeks this works really well, we sometimes sway but normally only for good reason, not through lazyness. 

So although Lighter Life Fast was not for me, and let's face it not everyone can like the same things can they, I have managed to turn some of my food and fitness thoughts around and made some really positive changes, which I am very pleased about!

Have you made any food or fitness changes this year? How are you getting on? I would love to know! 

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