Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers Day fun!

  Mothers Day, the one day of the year when I get served breakfast in bed, without any moans and groans! My lovely husband cooked me my favourite, eggs benedict, whilst Chester presented me with a handmade card and canvas....

Chester made them at School, as this is his first year at School, its also my first experience of handmade things that I haven't helped him make! These gifts totally made my Mothers Day the best yet! If you cant see the writing on my card it reads 'I love my Mum because... She is Byootifl' . I had a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat when I opened it! Chester, the typical boy who can't be bothered to write much more than his name, has written these words for me! 

Mothers Day was going to be a bit unusual for us this year, not only because its the first year my own Mother was not close by, you may remember they moved down to Dorset last year. But also because we were lucky enough to get two tickets for Diggerland via the Kent Big Weekend promotion. After researching we decided that as Millie was too short to go on most things it would be unfair to take her. So Craig and Chester had a Father Son day. On Mothers Day! I didn't mind though because I knew how much Chester wanted to go! 

Chester was in a bit of a grumpy mood, I think due to tiredness, so that put a bit of a dampner on the day at Diggerland. But he still managed to have lots of fun 'driving' the diggers, and going on the rides. Craig said it was a great day out, lots to do, and it was nice that Chester was able to 'drive' some of the diggers himself. It made him feel grown up. Chester clearly loved it, he told me all about it when he got home and we suspect that Millie will love it too, so we will aim to go back when Millie grows a little taller!

Now Millie and I wanted a fun day too so we went swimming! Millie is always asking me to take her swimming, I take her as often as I can, but sometimes that is just not often enough! Millie is very water confident, she has her armbands on and she likes to 'swim' all by herself, so rarely lets you hold onto her in the pool. 

The big difference on this trip though was her imagination! They had water jets, bubbles, a waterfall and waves on this visit. Millie used these to her advantage and created a little story to go with them! Obviously she is only two, so most of the story was probably in her mind and not what was coming out of her mouth! However I did get the jist of it, basically I needed rescuing from the waterfall and she was the one to save me! Then I needed to save her from the bubbles! There was a lot of 'oh no' and 'lets get outta here' being said! It was so very cute! 

On top of that I realised that Millie was allowed on the flume, as long as she was on my lap. Her very first time on a flume and she loved it! She is such a dare devil, just like her brother! We ended up going on the flume about 10 times, although once would of been enough for me! We spend around 2 hours in the pool, Millie was hesitant to get out, she really loved it! 

I thought she would be worn out by then, but apparently not! So on the way home we stopped off at a local farm. Its free to see the animals, and the farm shop is great, selling all sorts of local produce. Millie mainly wanted to see the animals though, so we spent lots of time saying 'hello, my names Millie' to the Donkeys and Ponies! She was fascinated by everything they were doing. The highlight of her trip to the farm has to be the pigs. They were fast asleep, one of them was snoring and Millie thought it was hilarious! She was shouting 'wake up piggies WAKE UP!! Its not nap time you know!'

We headed home and the rest of the afternoon was spent playing on the trampoline. I am amazed that both children has so much energy! We played your it and catch. Then Chester and Millie played duck duck goose! Chester then had an idea to bring down his duvet and make a bouncy bed! The trampoline really is central to their playing at the moment so I can see the School holidays being taken over by the trampoline! 

Lastly Craig cooked us a yummy dinner, pie with roast potatoes. I spent the evening putting my feet up and doing nothing! It was lovely! 

Did you have a lovely Mothers Day? What did you get up too, I would love to know. 

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