Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Moonpig - more than cards!

Did you know that sold so much more than just cards?! Well I certainly didn't! I have used Moonpig a few times in the past, they are fab for making personalised photo cards, but never thought about gifts from them!

Well yesterday Millie and I were invited to the Montague Hotel in London to take a look at what other delightful products Moonpig stock.

We arrived to see the most gorgeous array of flowers, treats, and cards!

I think, sometimes, if you are buying flowers and gifts online its not always clear to see how much you are getting for your money. So it was nice to be able to see exactly what your money would buy you on Moonpig! The flower range starts at £25 and goes right up to £100. Personally I think you get a lot of flower for your money! Its not very often I receive flowers, but yesterday reminded me how lovely it is to receive them. It certainly brightens up your day! 

They also do some lovely plants too, my favourite is the spring trug in the middle ... 

With Mothers Day less than 2 weeks away, and Moonpig offering a free card with selected flowers and gifts, as well as free delivery, they are certainly worth bearing in mind! We do not live close by to our families so this is a great way to send a card and flowers or a gift all from one place. 

Talking about gifts, they also stock a really lovely range of gifts too! The breakfast in bed set was by far my favourite, it has everything you would need for a great breakfast in bed. Including a mini dustpan and brush for the crumbs! I know, such a thoughtful touch right?! 

I am amazed at the size of the range Moonpig stock, there really is something for everyone. Men surely can't get it wrong if shopping for Mothers Day on Moonpig?! A gift and a card all in one place and delivered for free! 

We had a fab day yesterday viewing the range. Afternoon tea was scrummy, Millie really appreciated her very own afternoon tea and it was nice that I was able to take her along with me. 

* We were invited along to view the Moonpig collection to enable us to write this honest post. 

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