Monday, 10 March 2014

Millie the baby Panda.....

This panda has been the start of a (so far) two week long pretend game for Millie. Who has been pretending to be a baby panda! Yes that's right, a baby panda. 

Millie is a funny little girl. In the nicest possible way of course! She is only 2 years old, yet she has the most fantastic imagination. She bounds into our room every morning telling us that she is a baby panda! She does this really weird little sound, which she claims to be panda speak and then tells us that baby panda needs a cuddle/Mummy/food/drink/go to the park! 

I am really loving her imaginative play at the moment, every bit of it is filled with excitement and fun! 

Do your children have any strange imaginative play games?! 

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