Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Egg box flowers, a spring craft.

So this weekend we decided to brighten up our window sil and make some flowers. I am (always) teaching Chester and Millie about the seasons. Spring has been discussed a lot recently and since we had lots of fun planting flowers in the garden last week, I thought a flower themed craft would be a good idea.

Last year we made egg box daffodils, Chester still talks about it a lot so this craft is of a similar theme. 

We cut our egg box into 6 and tidied up the edges to make them circular.


The children put on their painting overalls and then it got a bit messy! We chose two colours purple and yellow, and the children painted the egg boxes inside and out. Millie may or may not of had a little help from me! 


The egg boxes too a very long time to dry, so in the end we left them overnight. I then used a skewer to pierce a hole in the middle. I then tied a knot at one end of a green pipe cleaner and threaded it through the middle of the flower. Making sure the knot ends up on the inside. 

We then displayed our egg box flowers in a small vase filled with water beads! 

I think these are a great, simple, craft. Perfect for Mothers Day or spring themed crafts. What do you think? 

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