Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Edinburgh - a great family adventure.

We are always looking for new adventures here. We love to explore and have lots of fun! As you all probably know last years adventure was our dream trip to Walt Disney World! So this year I am looking into places a bit more within our budget and much closer to home!

When I am researching short breaks and adventures for my family, at the top of my list is always family friendly. There is no point for us, as a young family, to visit somewhere that has not got anything entertaining for our Children!

Until recently I had not really considered Scotland as somewhere we might like to visit, but after doing my research and coming across the website I have changed my mind! The website is great you just type in where you want to go and it brings up lots of things to do in that particular area. All of the things to do are child friendly! 

Well, there happens to be a great deal of things to do in Edinburgh!

One  thing that stood out the most for me was Edinburgh Zoo!

As you may remember from my post the other day, Mille has taken her obsession with baby Panda's to a new level and has spent the last two weeks pretending to be a baby Panda! Edinburgh Zoo has got two Pandas on loan from China until 2021, so this is now on my must do's with the children! 

Something that Chester would really love is Our Dynamic Earth, which is a visitor centre all about our planet, from when and how it was created right up to present day, it even has a glimpse into the future! Reading about it I can see that it is very family friendly so even Millie in her pushchair would be able to enjoy it! 

Of course, we wouldn't be able to go to Scotland without visiting Edinburgh Castle! Then if the children misbehaved I could threaten them with the Edinburgh dungeons! Such a mean Mummy! 

I really didn't realise how many museums there are in Edinburgh, we love museums here, so I am sure we would spend lots of times wandering around those!  

I am actually quite disappointed in myself for not giving this City much thought before now! All in all Edinburgh seems to have a lot going on, a real something for everyone kind of place. Its somewhere that I would be happy to explore as a family. I was originally thinking of a weekend break in the Summer, but after seeing so much on offer I am now thinking we would need longer! we would need at least 4 days worth of exploring and adventures! seem to have some really reasonable room rates. I like the fact that they have reviews and ratings on each individual hotel, its easy to find something that would suit our needs and budget. To make the adventure more fun I would say that flying up to Edinburgh would be the best option for us so finding a Hotel right in the heart of it would be essential! 

Well I am off to research a bit more! Have you been anywhere that has exceeded your expectations in the UK? I would love to here about it.... 

*Please note this post is written in collaboration with Hotel direct, it has been written by me and all thoughts are my own. 

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