Monday, 3 March 2014

Chester had a very arty afternoon!

Its not often that Chester will sit for longer than 20 minutes to do something arty. But when he does I love it! He has got such a great imagination. Last weekend he decided he wanted to paint a pot that had been sitting on top of our craft cabinet for ages. Probably since last summer to be honest. The pot had some flower patterns on it, but Chester did not want to colour in flower patterns. Ever since watching Turbo recently Chester has decided that anything to do with the garden must be very snail like. So instead he decided to paint over the flowers and paint a snail!  


 After painting the pot Chester asked if he could paint a picture. Millie was still napping so I said why not! He asked if I could paint a snail too, as you can see I think Chester did a better job than me considering the age difference!....                                                    

Chesters on the blue paper, mine on the green!
He then wanted to paint grass and tomatoes around my snail....

We had a great couple of hours painting, lots of paper and paint was used. Chester learnt that if you mixed red with yellow you get orange and that if you mix green with blue (by accident) it makes a brown colour. 

Here is our joint effort finished picture, all Chester's idea. What do you think?! 

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