Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Dummy Fairy has been!

Just over a week ago we had a visit from The Dummy Fairy. I am smiling now, but it has not always been plain sailing. There have been tears and tantrums (and thats just from me) but I have had encouragement and support along the way which helped the process become a lot easier than it could've been.

I shall start at the beginning .....

We have been thinking about weaning Millie off of her dummies for a while now. Chester gave his to the Dummy Fairy at a similar age (Millie is just 2) and it was a really awful experience. Because of this, we kept putting it off.

With Chester we told him the Dummy Fairy was going to take his dummies and give them to the babies that needed them. The Dummy Fairy left him a present, and for the next week he spent his bed times trying to put his present back where he found it, so that the Dummy Fairy would take it away and just give him back his Dummies. It was heartbreaking.

With Millie, we really wanted the whole experience to be different. Dont get me wrong, we knew she would be upset, just like Chester. But we wanted to make sure that we were prepared enough for it to be a much easier process!

That is where The Dummy Fairy Workshop comes in! They are there to help put some fun into what is about to happen!

You fill in your child's details, and any relevant information. Then a lovely kit arrives in the post. Its cleverly packaged, the parent part of the kit is in a sealed white envelope and the child's part, is in a clear, cellophane envelope.

Here is what's included in the kit...

The Kiddie's Kit :
A Letter of Invitation from the King or Queen of the Dummy Fairies
The Enchanted Dummy Bag in a choice of bright colours 
Fairy Dust & Magic Spell
A Colour Your Own King / Queen of the Dummy Fairies
Reply Card & Envelope

The Parents' Kit :
A Thank You Letter from the King / Queen of the Dummy Fairies
Personalised Certificate of Generosity (with optional inclusion of child’s photo)
Polka dot ribbon to wrap around Certificate
2 x Gift Tags to attach to the Certificate & child's gift on Dummy Day
Instructions on how to implement our Dummy Fairy Workshop weaning tools
Dummy Fairy Workshop Fridge Magnet

The instructions were a great tool for us, sometimes its the simplest of things that you may of not thought of, or forgotten. I also tweeted The Dummy Fairy a few times and I always got a reply, sympathising, supporting and encouraging me.

We decided to not use the reply card and Envelope with Millie. She is just two, and although she does understand a lot more than we give her credit for, I think that part of the process would of just been lost on her. I can see how it would benefit an older child though. Millie (and Chester) were really excited when I read out the letter from the Queen of the Fairies. I did this a week before the Dummy Fairy came. I spent the whole week going back over the letter and talking about why the Dummy fairy needed Millies dummies. To give to the little babies of course. I think that by talking about it before hand made it a little easier when it came to collection day.

Collection day came, and again I spent the day explaining that the fairy would be coming that night. Millie seemed pretty positive about it all. We got her bright pink Enchanted Dummy Bag out and popped her two remaining Dummies inside. I had spent the past week sneakily throwing away all other dummies! Millie calls her dummies her 'Myys' and she did get a little upset at this point. Chester helped her add the Fairy dust whilst I was reading the magic spell. We then hung the bag on her play kitchen and it was time for bed!

Millie seemed pretty calm and happy, until she actually got in bed and realised that was really it. This was at 7pm, at 11.45pm Millie was still screaming! It was just awful!

Whilst she was doing this, the Dummy Fairy came. So there was no going back! Left in their place was a certificate, a letter and a present. I chose to get Millie the Disney Princess Palace Pet because she loves the app on my ipad and it would be something familiar for her.

She did eventually drop off to sleep. When she woke the next day, she was a little upset. But as soon as she saw her bag filled with the letter and her present she seemed to forget about her 'Myy'. Amazing, a totally different story to Chester's experience!

Over the next week we had lots of ups and downs. I kept referring back to my instructions, to remind myself of ways to help calm the situation. She would have a day and night of no mention of the dummy. But then the next day would be a disaster. 5 days on and things started to settle. 8 Days on and no mention of the Dummy at all! We did have a little blip on day 9, when Millie  'stole' a Dummy from a baby at toddler group! But after a minor face on floor tantrum I managed to distract the subject by showing her some musical instruments!

As Parents we are still adjusting to life after Dummies. Millie is taking shorter naps and waking up much earlier. But we are very proud of her for giving them up, she has done really well.

The Dummy Fairy Kit is personal to each child and is £19.95 + postage and packing. To me, this did sound like a lot of money, but after using the kit and comparing Chester's experience to Millie's I can see that it is totally worth the money for us. The support we got along the way was priceless. At a time where you question if you are really doing the right thing or not, it was really needed. The little extras you get in the kit were a real hit with Millie, and even with Chester. It may not of been his dummies that were going but at aged 5 he was still very interested in helping Millie, and he was totally amazed with the letters that were sent to Millie!

I am really happy we managed to overcome this hurdle with Millie! Have you had any experiences with The Dummy Fairy I would love to hear them....

*Please note, we were sent A Dummy Fairy Kit for the purpose of this review.

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