Thursday, 27 February 2014

The benefits of a PAYG phone

Ever since I can remember I have had a mobile phone on a contract. I have never thought to change it because I am happy with my package and its convenient to know I will not run out of credit. 

However, I was recently invited to review the Samsung Galaxy Fame, which is a PAYG phone from 3 mobile. I had a £15 PAYG 3 mobile all in one top up voucher, and it turns out that this £15 will provide you with 3,000 texts, 300 minutes and all you can eat data (to use within 30 days). I was shocked! I didnt know you could get such PAYG deals! I spend more than that on my monthly contract! This £15 top up would be more than enough for me. 

Whilst using the Samsung Galaxy Fame, it got me thinking about how practical this type of contract is. I mean if you have teenagers that want their own mobile phone, but you don't want the risk of them running up huge bills, this type of top up is perfect! Lets face it, most teenagers nowadays are glued to the internet. I can't blame them, if the internet was available as much as it is now when I was a teenager I would be glued to it too! So the unlimited data is the most useful part of this top up. They would need the minutes to call their parents and let them know where they are, and 3,000 texts are surely enough! If you were ever worried about running out of texts or minutes you can keep a check on the handy My3 app. 

The phone itself did take me a bit of getting used too. I have never owned a Samsung phone before, and as with all new things once I had used it a few times, I easily picked it up. The phone was easy to navigate and you could even place the apps that you use regularly onto your home page, making them easily accessible. Its a small and compact phone, yet it still packs a punch! My only gripe is the camera. I know that phone technology moves so quickly nowadays and Camera pixel size is always changing. But for me as a Mum (and a blogger) who uses her phone camera all the time, to capture those all important memories out and about, it just isn't big enough to produce good quality, useable pictures. My current phone has a 8.7MP camera, so perhaps I have been spoilt with my picture quality.

Looking into the future, when Chester and Millie are old enough for me to consider getting them mobile phones, cost is going to be a big factor for me. The Samsung Galaxy Fame is £99, which I think is really good value. It has more than enough to keep a teenager happy and with the £15 3 mobile all in one top up, it certainly does make it a manageable monthly outgoing. Unlike a Contract, you would have no fears of getting a huge mobile phone bill, but you would have the peace of mind that your child would be able to contact you or you would be able to contact them if needed. 

What are your thoughts on teenagers and mobile phones? 

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