Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Greased Lightning - Showroom Shine review

Recently I had an email pop in my inbox about a product.What caught my eye was what the product claimed to do...

"Greased Lightning specialises in cleaning products that offer exceptional quality without the need for sponges and buckets. They have developed their signature product, Showroom Shine, to quickly and innovatively make even the dirtiest car shine, all without the need for a single drop of water."

I was asked to review this product, and will admit now that not for one second did I think that it would work. I take Chester to School via muddy country lanes 5 days a week. My car is filthy, and I am not the sort of person that enjoys (or finds the time) to clean it! This is the picture I tweeted of the state of my car a couple of weeks ago....

Awful isn't it?!

I accepted the invitation to review and later that day told my Husband all about it. He is the opposite to me, he is a bit of a car cleaning geek (when it comes to his own car) and even he had his reservations. 

BUT, on Sunday, when the sun was shining I decided to try the Showroom Shine. I was totally amazed with the results! 

The Showroom shine waterless car wax and polish is priced at £17.99, it comes with a 1 litre bottle (with a spray attachment) and 2 microfibre cloths. All I had to do was shake the bottle and I was ready to go! 

All I needed to do was spray a small amount of the showroom shine onto the car and gently wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. Then once I had finished a whole panel use the other microfibre cloth to buff up the shine. 

This is what my car looked like with one spray and gentle wipe...

Amazing isnt it?! The dirt and mud on my car was dried on and had been there for ages, yet one effortless wipe and it took most of that section of dirt away! 

after less than 5 minutes I had finished the rear door panel! Just look at what a difference it makes....

Chester really wanted to help, so I let him have the buffing up microfibre and he followed me around the car!

I cleaned 3 quarters of the car, including the wheels and windows, by then Craig really wanted to try it out so I let him do the last two panels!

Craig was just as shocked and impressed as I was! He was amazed that it actually worked! He also pointed out to me that I had the nozzle on the wrong setting. It should of been on mist, so I had used  a lot more product than I needed too. I could see from him using the mist setting that it was even more effortless! 

I really am impressed with this product, its so quick and easy to use. It makes car cleaning not such a chore, which is great for people like me, who are always busy and do not have the time nor want to spend the time cleaning a car! But thinking further afield it is also really good for people who do not have access to an outside tap or perhaps live in a apartment that has underground parking (like my parents)which would usually make cleaning your car a pain. 

As I said previously the Greased Lightning Showroom Shine is priced at £17.99. 1 bottle is on average expected to clean 8-10 cars. I think if your car was as dirty as mine then it would be more like 6 cars, however I would agree with 8-10 cars for the average car. I think £17.99 is a great price for the kit, lets not forget it also features 2 great quality microfibre cloths. I actually needed to use an extra 2 application microfibres (luckily Craig has a stash of those) because my car was so dirty! 

So who wants to see what my car looked like after I had finished?!

Looks lovely and shiny doesn't it?! 

So it turns out my initial thoughts on this product were totally wrong! It does indeed work exactly how it is described! I can not stress enough how easy it was. No elbow grease required at all! 

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