Sunday, 23 February 2014

English breakfast pancakes

Everyone knows I love pancakes, with a sweet tooth like mine its no surprise. But I think it is less well known that I also love savoury pancakes. So when OXO UK challenged me to come up with a pancake recipe, I decided I would go down the savoury route rather than sweet. Lots of bloggers have taken part, you can check out their yummy recipes by searching the hashtag #oxoukpancakeday on twitter.

I decided that as breakfast is the most important meal of the day it would be a good idea to make some English breakfast pancakes, inspired by the good old English fry up! I wanted to create a stack of pancakes each one having a different element of a Fry up. Full size pancakes would be too filling, even for me, so I decided to use my trusty one egg frying pan instead. I also had the help of the OXO UK flip and fold omelette turner. Which, despite its large size, still managed to flip my small pancakes perfectly!

Firstly, I whipped up a pancake batter. Using 100g plain flour, 1 egg and 300ml of milk.

Then I grilled 1 sausage and 2 sliced of bacon.

Whilst they were grilling away, I chopped up a handful of mushrooms and fried them off in my small frying pan. I also drained some tinned chopped tomatoes.

Once the sausage and the bacon were cooked I chopped them up into fine, small pieces.

With everything prepped I was ready to go....

I used a tiny amount of butter to grease the frying pan and then used a turkey baster to pour in the batter (as it was a small frying pan I realised this made the least amount of mess). I sprinkled a small amount of bacon onto the raw batter in the pan.

After around 1 minute it was time to flip. The OXO UK flip and fold helped me with this, it was effortless to go around the edge of the pan and sliding underneath the pancake was just as easy.

Once the pancake had been flipped I cooked it for another minute before turning out onto a plate.

I repeated this process with the other ingredients until I had four pancakes.

We had the The English breakfast pancakes for a lazy Sunday breakfast this weekend, my parents were staying over for the weekend. The pancakes went down a treat and filled us up until lunch time!

I think its quite a versatile recipe. Most people have their favourite elements to a fry up so its easily adaptable to suit everyones likes.

For example when I asked Millie if she would like bacon on her pancake, she replied with 'No I want banana'. So even though banana is clearly not your everyday fry up breakfast item, I quickly chopped up a banana, followed the process above but also sprinkled brown sugar on top, which created a caramel! It kept Millie happy and we were all still able to carry on with our English breakfast pancakes!

That also went down a treat and I can see me making this version for snack time quite often!

Are you looking forward to pancake day? Whats your favourite topping?! 

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