Thursday, 6 February 2014

Don't be silly Mummy!

Crocodiles don't live in the sea (or rivers) they live in the zoo!

That was Chester's response when he overheard Craig and my Sister having a FaceTime conversation! As you may remember me saying that my Sister is currently traveling, she is in Austrailia at the moment. Chester and Millie both LOVE the time they get on FaceTime with their Auntie and Uncle. They would do it every day if that was an option. So when they do get the chance they love to tell them what they have been up to and then listen to their Auntie and Uncle telling them what life is like on the other side of the world! 

On this particular day they were telling us how they had been fishing and swimming and Luke (their Uncle) had been nipped at by an eel! The conversation then turned to what they are most scared of coming across, this was after I said I wouldn't be able to swim in the sea as it would remind me of the time I swam in the Caribbean and loads of little fish swam with me, I hated it! My Sister said she was most scared of the Crocodiles. That is when Chester piped up with Crocodiles don't live in the sea, they live in the zoo! We all tried to tell him they are wild animals but he thought we were joking and still won't believe us now! 

I find this both fascinating and sad. Have I really brought Chester up to think animals only live in Zoos?! Yes, we visit Zoo's, but I am sure I have explained about their wild habitats?! So high on my priority list at the moment is to change his views on animals homes, I have got a little half term activity lined up already. 

Chester is going through a very inquisitive stage at the moment, he asks questions about so much. This mornings conversations included what does a phone box look like and why haven't we got a King! The latter has come about since watching Disney's Frozen, he certainly tries to process everything he see's. It was hard explaining about the British monarchy as it stands at the moment, but he takes it all on board because he said oh well if Millie marries a Prince at least she can be a Queen! 

I always try to answer him as best as I can. Sometimes it's hard to explain something that to me may seem such an everyday thing. 

Have your children said anything that has surprised you recently? I would love to hear all about it! 

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