Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cookie cutter stamp and paint hearts.

Millie is only just two, she is a very head strong little girl who likes to be as independant as possible. This independance includes crafting. She gets very stroppy if you try and help her in any way.

So where Millie is concerned I try to keep it simple for now, she still has a lot to learn and I find that she is more likely to want to learn something if you show her once and it's easy enough for her to do herself. Her attention span is longer this way. 

I decided to use small cookie cutters in the shape of hearts for this painting activity but we have in the past used small animal, letter and number cookie cutters too. 

All I did was put some paint onto plates, I chose to use red and a glitter pink paint. Then placed the cookie cutters on the plates ready to use. 

Then Millie set about stamping her cookie cutters, dipped in the paint, onto her paper.

She had a lot of fun, they weren't always perfect hearts but it was done completely by her. She is very proud of the two paintings, making sure she showed her Daddy and her Chester when they came home! 

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