Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Chester's new found reading confidence!

I've said it before, Chester is a typical boy. He loves to run around and would just do that all day if he could. In fact, he has recently told us that when he grows up he wants to be an Olympic runner and win a gold medal!

We are now halfway through the School year and until recently he didn't show any interest in reading, drawing, and actually to some extent writing.  It's really difficult not to worry now that he is at School. As a parent you naturally want to tell everyone what milestone your child has reached (just like I am doing now), and as much as I am genuinely happy for the Children who seem to of mastered reading ages ago, I couldn't help but feel a bit down about the fact that Chester seemed to show no interest at all. None. Whatsoever. 

After speaking to Chester's teacher she assured me he is perfectly fine and that he will show interest in his own time. She assured me that he is very much a part of the class and takes on board all of the learning. He is always asking questions to further his understanding on the subjects. 

I would so love to be a fly on the wall in Chester's class, just for one day! 

But over the last month, his reading and drawing seem to of snowballed! He went from not wanting to  do them at all, to doing them all of the time! 

He can now easily recognise what I would call the key words; the, and, it, was, is, got, did, Dad, Mum, at, he, not. 

He is also much more confident at attempting to phonetically sound words out. For instance if you were to ask him a couple of months ago what D-I-D spells, he would reply with D-I-D ... Banana! But now he will confidently say D-I-D did! He will sound out letters for lots of random words he  might see during the day. He may not get all of them right, but he is attempting too. Which is a massive improvement! 

The Friday before half term he even came home to tell me that he had got the reading award in School assembly! He was so proud of himself, and I think this gave him the confidence boost he needed to keep up the learning.

Hopefully this will be the start of something big in learning terms for Chester. I am sure it won't be long before he is teaching ME his phonic sounds!

Do you have a child in Reception? How are you finding the reading and writing journey?

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