Sunday, 2 February 2014

A lovely #GUMIcraftday afternoon

When I was recently invited to a #GUMIcraftday at the Sew Over It cafe, I was keen intrigued to find out more.

It turns out that GUMI stands for Growing Up Milk Info. It's a website dedicated to giving information, not only on growing up milk, but also on toddler development, nutrition and diet. I have looked at the website many time since, and have to say that the nutrition and diet aspect of the site is my favourite. As a Mother it is natural to panic about things that others may consider small. Diet and nutrition does worry me because there is so much different information given out. Millie is my second child so you think that I would be less of a worrier by now, however, my children are very different from each other. So what one child does the other does the opposite! So it's nice to see some guidelines and recommendations that I can easily access if I need too. After chatting with GUMI yesterday it's nice to hear that they are open to suggestions for improvement too. I gave my opinions and I hope they help with the future development of the site. 

So yesterday I arrived at Sew Over It to find a really lovely and welcoming cafe, with lots and lots of fabrics, buttons, sewing machines and lots of other sewing items! 

The lovely Lisa from Sew Over It explained that we were going to decorate a bag, we could use a sewing machine or some wonder web, and we had a vast selection of fabric and add ons to choose from! 

We all put our thinking caps on and came up with some great ideas! I chose to go with butterflies and of course wanted to use blue and pink fabric. I searched through the rolls and rolls of fabric until I found some lovely blue and pink fabrics with stars all over. 

I used this as my template...

Now I will admit that I am useless at sewing! I love crafting but sewing is a disaster area for me. I had planed on using the sewing machine, but after I chose to go with butterflies I bottled out and decided to use the wonder web. For those that do not know, wonder web is this fantastically easy material that you simply iron on to your fabric! 

To be honest it's a miracle I didn't have to be shown how to use the iron, since I only ever seem to use ours for Hama bead crafting! 

I didn't want to 'cheat' the whole way though so I decided to sew some buttons onto the butterfly wings. It did take me quite a while so in the end I finished them off at home. 

So here is the finished bag, what do you think?! 

It was a truly lovely afternoon with some lovely people. Was great to catch up with Ruth from Rock n Roller Baby and see Alice from An Essex Wife again. It was also great to meet Louise from A Strong Coffee after reading her blog and talking over twitter for a long time. I met Penny from Being Mrs C and Natalie from Style me Sunday and found two more lovely blogs to start reading! 

So a big thank you to GUMI for a great afternoon! 

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