Thursday, 30 January 2014

Who's on the Loo - book review

Now that Millie is two, potty training is something that is on my mind. I dreaded potty training with Chester, and although when he was ready it only took just over a week for him to go from nappies to pants, the thought of it just makes me cringe! Chester is going through a 'toilet talk' phase at the moment. Every other word is poo or wee. I hate it, and confided in one of the other Mums at Chester's School about it. I was very relieved to hear that her son has the same obsession as Chester. Her advice was to embrace it, rather than condone it. So for instance when he says poo, ask him what letters are in that word. I think that is great advice and I have tried to embrace it as much as I can.

Then a few weeks after this conversation I receive an email all about a new book.... Its called Who’s on the Loo and its published by Scribblers.  Its a gentle and amusing way to introduce your child to toilet training. Children who have reached the toilet-training stage will think this is the funniest book they've ever seen! Parents will smile, too, as children and parents turn the pages to discover who’s on the loo.

Well let me tell you that this book has been a big success in this house! Millie has shown so much interest in her potty AND the toilet since we started reading it. She especially likes the page with baby Humphrey the Rhinoceros as it has a dummy (or 'my' as Millie calls it) in its mouth!

Chester loves looking for the duck on each page because he say's the word poo! They both love the last page because you have to flush the toilet! 

They have learnt that going to the toilet is a normal everyday thing that everyone (even a Rhinoceros) needs to do! So not only has it helped Chester and Millie, but it has also helped me! I now have more confidence talking toilets with my children!

So whether your child is going through a 'phase' or starting to get interested in potty training then I highly recommend this book!

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