Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The OXO Good Grips Over The Door Rack - Review

Last year was our decorating year. It was the year we both got off of our backsides and finally made our house a home. This year I will be carrying that on by adding some finishing touches to a lot of the rooms. 

What we have found out over the last year is that new build homes are not always as lovely as they first appear! The walls are made of plasterboard so it takes a different kind of screw to hold anything in place. This is one of the reasons it took us so long to get on with the decorating, we are not great at DIY and quite frankly we didn't know how to get round some of these filmsy wall problems! 

Something I have wanted for ages in our ensuite is a good towel hook. We had one when we moved in but it soon fell out! I was approached by OXO a little while ago and after having a browse round their website I came across something that stood out for me and my needs. An over the door rack. 

I was sent the OXO Good Grips Over The Door Rack to review. 

My only concern with anything like this, is will it damage my doors. Everything seems to damage so easily, as the saying goes 'they don't make things like they used too' and that is certainly the case with this house! I needn't of been concerned though as the stainless steel Door Rack has a soft non skid surface AND the opening flexes to fit different door sizes! 

It has five non slip hooks, which I would say are perfect size (quite wide) to hang towels. Which is what we have used them for. Even with heavy towels hanging on them no marks have been left on our door. As you can see from our towel choice we are all big kids, everyone has a Disney towel in this house! 


Another thing that crossed my mind was what would it look like from the other side of the door. Would it look silly? Well this is what it looks like....


Personally I think it is barely noticeable. My door shuts with no problem either. 

The OXO Good Grips Over The Door Rack is currently priced at £25.00. I think that is a fair price, I think it is a really well made and sturdy product. It has generous size hooks and looks in place on my door! It has lots of potential for lots of doors in my house. Our understairs cupboard for our hats, coats, scarfs and bags, our kitchen for our aprons and tea towels or even the children's bedroom for dressing gowns, School bags and jackets. Not forgetting our main bathroom and our cloakroom for more towel potential! 

So if you are looking for hooks that won't put holes or marks on your doors, and want something that is both practical and in keeping with modern tastes then this is the over the door rack for you! 

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