Friday, 17 January 2014

Technology is moving on so fast...

But of course I mean that in a good way! It was only the other day I was saying that the internet has come such a long way so quickly. Even though I am still in my twenties, it does make me feel old because my children will never know what life was like WITHOUT the internet!

More recently the internet has helped to advance all kinds of technology. Most people nowadays own either a smartphone or a tablet (or both!) so technology has moved forward yet again to make way for apps!

Whenever I think about technology moving forward it always (and I mean always) reminds me of the Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World. As I am sure you are all aware by now, we took our children on their first Walt Disney World holiday last November. I am also sure you all know how obsessed I am about all things Disney, so really its no surprise that things remind me of the most magical place on earth every day! But, back to my point. The Carousel of Progress (which by the way has a really catchy tune, top points to anyone who can name the song for me, bonus points for singing it to me) is a show/ride which shows us how far along technology has come since the turn of the Century. Now by turn of the Century I mean last Century because the ride was Walt Disney's very own creation so it has not really been updated and (quite rightly) is almost exactly the same as the day it opened. I took Chester onto this ride with me, and he was amazed that at the turn of the Century people did not have TV's! I guess to him at the age of 5 he takes everything for granted. But since going on that ride, he has asked me so many questions. One that especially makes me chuckle was when he asked me if because TV's were black and white, did that mean people were too?! I love the way his mind works! But its the last scene of the ride that stands out the most for me. Its the latter part of the Century by now and it shows how people can open and close their curtains at the press of a button, it also kind of hints into the future and how people can see each other over technology. So, not so long ago that was predicted for the future, and now that is what is happening!

Why is any of this relevant I hear you asking... Well I have discovered something totally awesome. Which really does show just how far technology has come! It is called Hive Active Heating. It basically lets you control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop. How amazing is that?!

I have been reading up on this new technology with amazement, some key points I have picked up on are as follows.....

Hive Active Heating allows you to turn on your heating (even when its not due to come on yet) whenever you like, you can even schedule it so if for instance you are coming home earlier than expected You can go online or use your app to get your home warmed up ready for your arrival!

It will automatically come on to protect your pipes from freezing! That is called Automatic Frost Protection. How many people have gone away in winter months (like us, Disney last November) and worried that their pipes were going to freeze if you did not keep the heating on?! What a great way to put your mind at rest!

The thermostat is wireless so can be fixed anywhere in your home! It has a hub too! This clever little box simply plugs into your broadband router so that your thermostat can connect to the internet and be controlled remotely!

If you have a hot water tank (also known as a conventional boiler system) you can control your hot water with Hive! So not only your heating but your hot water too! Fantastic!

I love how technology has moved on in this way, it is certainly something that will help us, we are a busy family and something as simple and accessible as this can only be a good thing!

*Please note this post is in collaboration with Hive Active. However all thoughts are my own.

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