Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pasta necklaces!

Ever since Millie and I played with her threading beads last week I have wanted to make pasta necklaces with her. Today we had some spare time so I decided to give it a go. 

Of course Millie just wanted to eat the Pasta at first....

But she soon understood what she needed to do....

Love her funny face in that picture, she was really concentrating to get the pasta on the string! 

After we eventually threaded lots of pasta onto our string, we tied our necklace up and chose what colour we would paint it! Millie chose red, green and purple. I was very impressed that she pointed to the red whilst saying 'red'. So at only just two she can already recognise at least one colour! 

As you can see Millie had lots messy of fun! 

Here is the finished necklace...

AND Chester was so impressed with Millie's necklace when he got home from School that he requested to make one too! His is currently drying! 


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