Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Online habits....

Recently I came across a very interesting article about online viewing habits. It always gets me thinking when I read articles about the internet. I am in my late 20s now and when I was at School, which really wasn't all that long ago, the internet was not even part of our lessons. It wasn't part of everyday life as it is now. I remember only using our family computer to reference from the encyclopedia cd rom! That makes it sound so long ago but it really wasn't! 

Now that Chester is at School and uses the internet as part of his day, it has become apparent just how much technology has come on! In our day it was blackboards and chalk, nowadays its interactive white boards and internet pages projected onto the board! Chester is only 5 and I have said before how happy I am with our School choice for him, they are a small village School and they have embraced how technology is part of our everyday lives. Chester even has his own login for an internet programme the School use to help with reading. At the age of 5 he can easily navigate his way around the website AND he can sign himself in! 

I find that amazing, when I was 5 I didn't even know how to use a walkman let along a computer!! Even 2 year old Millie knows her way around my ipad! 

As an adult, I use the internet daily. Even if I am having a day off from my blog, I just can not resist going online. I think we have become a nation obsessed with the internet, and that’s hardly surprising considering how accessible it has become! 

Going back to when I was at School, aged 15/16 mobile phones were just being introduced as an everyday item, not just for business men and women. I remember me and most of my School friends discussing what phone we had/wanted and the main ‘must have’ feature was the game snakes! Who remembers that?! Nowadays I find that 90% of my time on my phone is spent on the internet, I text occasionally and rarely feel the need to make a call from my phone! Amazing really! 

Something I use the internet for, especially since having children, is shopping. I find it very easy to research and shop online. Its great at Christmas time, I don't have to brave the crowds in the shops, I can just order the presents whilst sitting in the comfort of my own home! One of the things that surprised me whilst reading the article about online habits was that whilst people are more likely to purchase a product if it comes with customer reviews, most of those people tend not to leave a review themselves. In fact 35% of shoppers don't bother to leave a review. As someone who never buys something online without reading a review first, I find this a little surprising. 

I review products on my blog, I will also make sure I review products I have bought online if the option to leave a review is there. I always give honest reviews, good or bad as I know that I would appreciate that if it was me looking to purchase the product. Reviews have persuaded me to buy the product in the past, and they have also persuaded me not to. In a time where money is something we are trying to save not spend, I think reviews are an essential part of internet life?

What are your thoughts on this? 

*Please note, this post was brought to you in association with Ladbrokes Bingo. All thoughts are my own. 

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