Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My moments that mattered in 2013

Ok So I know that when you have children you are bound to have lots of moments that matter. I know for sure that I do. 2013 was a big year for us, Millie took her first steps, Then Chester started Primary School. But when I think about 2013, I must confess that most of my thoughts go to things that happened whilst we were at Walt Disney World! Being totally obsessed with Disney are you at all surprised?!

Lloyds Bank recently asked me what my moments that mattered were for last year and here they are....

  • The children's reaction to meeting Tigger. He was of course very bouncy and cuddly. His energy really bounced off of the children, it made their day!
  • Chester and I taking a ride on Prince Charming's Regal Carousel. Chester could not stop smiling the whole time we were on this ride! He has been on similar rides before, but I think he was really immersed in the atmosphere and the setting! 
  •   All the Girls together! Dont get me wrong we all had loads of fun as a family, but girls and boys are into different things. So it was really nice that my Mum and I could share Millies first Disney Princess moments together! 
  • Family! We went to Florida with my Parents. They really wanted to witness their Grandchildrens first reactions to Disney World. I will want to do the same when I am a Grandparent too! We had lots of great meals out whilst in Florida and The Rainforest Cafe at Disney's Animal Kingdom for breakfast is a favourite of mine. 
  • Ice cream! Well not just the ice cream, food in general! The food in America is so different to food in the UK. I love the Americans idea of snacks, although I don't think my body could cope with them for longer than 2 weeks! Everyone was laughing when my Dad and I came back with these gigantic ice creams!
  •   My Mum. She had a lot to deal with on this holiday. As I have mentioned before, we got news that my Nan (her Mum) had passed away the first day we were there. I am immensely proud of how my Mum coped with this tragic news. She was determined to still show the grandchildren how fun Walt Disney World is. This photo with the Minnie ears just makes me smile and reminds me just how strong she was (and still is).
  • Ariel - We stayed at Disney's Art of Animation resort in the Little Mermaid rooms. It was just amazing. The amount of detail that had gone into the theming was just. Amazing. I am a total Disney geek and I noticed so many little details that totally made it for me! I hope that someday we will be able to go back and stay there. 
  •  Sibling love, Chester and Millie get on really well. I know that we are really lucky that they do. Throughout the whole of last year they have been so kind and caring towards each other and I could not be more proud! I only hope that they continue their friendship. 
  • Millie's first haircut. I had saved this moment for Walt Disney World, I had heard great things about how they treated the children whilst getting their first hair cut. Its one of those moment you want to cherish, and of course I wanted to keep one of Millie's lovely curls. They didn't disappoint, Millie was kept entertained, she even got a certificate and some mouse ears at the end for being such a good girl. And yes, I got a keepsake curl all wrapped up and put into a lovely bag.   
  •  Parade watching! Chester loved nothing more than to sit on his Daddy shoulders and watch the parades go by! This particular parade was the special Christmas parade, it was on way past Chester's bedtime, but he really wanted to watch it! 'Snow' was falling and when I took this picture he had just seen Father Christmas go by!  
  • Chester getting picked to play the part of the beast was just the most magical moment ever. I will never forget it! He was chosen because he could roar the loudest (what a surprise!). He had to say a few lines to Belle and then he got to dance with her. He was just in total awe of Belle, she gave him a kiss on the cheek afterwards and he was made up! He still talks about being the beast and dancing with Belle now!
  •  When we went to Walt Disney World, Millie's absolute favourite Disney Princess was Rapunzel. I made sure that we had fast passes to meet her on our first full day. We dressed Millie in her little Rapunzel outfit and the reaction was so much more than we could of ever imagined. She was in total awe! Rapunzel was awesome, she chatted to Millie, who could barely say anything, not only because she was only 22 months old, but also because she was just star struck! She spent ages with Millie, it was a real tear in the eye moment for all of us (including Chester!)

So there you go, those are my moments that mattered in 2013.As you can see, sometimes its the little things that matter the most. What were your moments that mattered? I would love to know... 

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