Sunday, 19 January 2014

My little pickle.....

Little pickle... That is the set of words I am using to describe Millie at the moment. I should probably be using a stronger set of words to be honest as she has certainly hit those terrible twos!


I am not ashamed to say that the last couple of weeks have been somewhat of a challenge, and I will admit that I had forgotten just how terrible the terrible twos were! 

She is throwing tantrums at the slightest thing, the other day the meltdown began because she had no boggies in her nose! How ladylike?! Within seconds she was face down on the floor, screaming! Her worst tantrum has to be the one that happens a few times a week, during the School run. She really misses her brother when he is at School, so when we drop him off she wants to stay with him. It usually ends in tears though (sometimes from me!) when I end up having to scrape her off of the playground and carry her under my arm to the car. Oh the shame! I realise that you are probably wondering why I don't just pop her in the pushchair? My answer would be that is second on my list of morning to dos, first on my list is arriving at School in plenty of time to faff with the pushchair! 

Yesterday her tantrum was because she wanted to play a game. By game she means app on the iPad. I of course do not just let her sit around on my iPad all day (although I am not a total meany I do let her have a play sometimes!), so I said no. Well, you would of thought something terrible had happened! Honestly, it was 20 minutes of screaming for the iPad before I could calm her down enough to make her see that playing princesses was just as much fun! 

A rare turn in Mummy's old DS...


She has gone from doing as she is told, to doing the opposite. She has also developed selective hearing, if she doesn't like what you are telling her or asking her to do she will pretend she has not heard! 

She used to happily hold my hand to walk along the high street or back to the car. Not anymore. Oh no. Now she likes to shout out 'let go me' constantly whilst wriggling like a worm! Twice now she has tried (and thankfully been unsuccessful) to run away in the split second between me opening the car door and getting her in. I have learnt my lesson now as much as it pains my back, I now need to pick her up before I go to open the door! 

Just as I was starting to think that she was much more laid back than her brother she proves me wrong! She is in to everything, she likes to climb everything, she likes to have everything, she likes to make a mess, everywhere. 

Millie has also shown her strong willed and stubborn side a lot more over the last couple of months. Craig asked her to come and get dressed one weekend, she turned rounds and said 'no Daddy, I am trying to dance'! She constantly says no when you ask her to do something, and she is well known to tell you 'naughty' then point sternly at the stairs and say 'sit on the step'! Cheeky monkey! 

She copies her brother all the time, this can be a good thing and a bad thing. Her speech and communication is much more advanced compared to Chester's at that age. Not that Chester was behind, but just that she loves to copy her Brother. But he has also taught her how to strip down to her nappy. She finds this hilarious, as does Chester. 

I have got a feeling that this year will be the year of more grey hairs! I will need to find some more patience from somewhere! Having said that, I wouldn't swap it for the world. I love my children, I love being a mother, and I know that they are only young once. From experience I will cherish these cheeky and testing moments as they do not last forever. In a few years they will be the memories that I look back on and laugh! 


Anyone else going though the terrible twos stage at the moment?! 

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