Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My baby is turning two!

How is that possible?! HOW?! 

So this time 2 years ago my Mum was telling me that I was going to have the baby the next day (a week early) she just knew it. She wasn't wrong. I had pains the very next morning and by the evening was in hospital in labour. Sadly the hospital were low on consultants because it was a Sunday (their words not mine) so I had to wait five hours in the waiting area before someone finally took charge and said something wasn't right! It was the early hours of the Monday morning when I was rushed down to theatre for the emergency c section I should of had hours before hand. For as soon as they hooked me onto the monitor they knew something wasn't right.

Thankfully Millie came along and she has turned out fine. Although it was a real heart stopping moment on the operating table. Something I will never forget! 

It's funny really, it doesn't feel like that long ago at all. 2 years is a long time, yet it still feels like yesterday to me! 

As much as I try my hardest to savour every moment of both of my Children's childhood (and believe me, my house has suffered because of it) they still seem to grow up just like that! 

Millie is certainly a very head strong little girl. She knows what she wants and she will try her hardist to get it! She has already begun the terrible twos, some days can be very challenging. However those moments are soon forgotten when she does something like saying Thank you very much in an almost Disney like manner. Or when she tells any of us (it's normally Chester) that she loves us. 

In the car yesterday she was singing along to her Doc Mcstuffins CD. She sounded so grown up. I was so proud of her, yet at the same time I was sad that she has grown up so quickly! Where has my baby Millie gone?! Although, let's face it, she will always be my baby.

This time last year, cheeky Millie looked like this....


Now, she is looks like this.....


So a big Happy 2nd Birthday for tomorrow Millie! We are going to have lots of fun celebrating, including a trip to the London Aquarium at the weekend! 

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