Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Millie's 2nd Birthday!

So thats it, I am officially a Mummy to a 5 year old and a 2 year old! No more 1 year old, I can't really get away with calling her my baby for much longer can I ?! Thats right my little baby Millie has turned 2!

As her birthday was during the week, Chester was at School and Craig was at work we decided to get up early so that she could open her presents before everyone had to head off. We had managed to get a Little Tikes gourmet prep and serve kitchen from the Asda Black Friday deal a while back so Craig spent the evening before putting it together. I was so excited for her! I always wanted a play kitchen as a child so I am so pleased that I have been able to give one to my daughter (although I am pretty sure that Chester is going to want to play with it just as much!).

Then the plan was Millie and I would go swimming or do something fun. As it turned out Millie had an unusual bout of nappy rash so we could not really go swimming, I didn't want to irritate it any more. When I asked Millie what she wanted to do she said 'see Frozen'! We have already been to the cinema twice to see Disney's Frozen, we love it! I would of happily taken her to see it again for her birthday as she requested, however, during the week it is only shown in the evenings at our cinema. So instead we stayed at home and played with her new toys. It surprised me at first that she didn't seem too interested in her play kitchen, but looking back, I think she was just very overwhelmed with everything!

We played play doh, duplo and princesses. Before we knew it, it was time to pick Chester up from School. The original plan was to have dinner out at Pizza Hut as Millie requested Pizza for her birthday tea. However, Craigs parents really wanted to come down and see Millie on her Birthday and didn't want to eat Pizza. So we changed the plan and will now go out for her birthday tea this weekend (its a good job she is only 2 so will not remember!)

For Chester's 2nd Birthday we went to the London Aquarium and it was a big hit. So we decided to do the same for Millie. We went on Sunday, no one was working so we could all go. Craigs parents also came along with us so it was a great family day out. 

Millie really loved all of the fishes and other sea creatures. She did however spend the whole time looking for Mermaid (Ariel) and King Triton! She made the connection that they were sea creatures and as soon as she did, she was convinced they must be in there too! So cute! As you can imagine, we spent a long time at the Nemo and Dorey tank! I am pretty sure those clown fish are getting really annoyed with being called Nemo! Millie didn't call them all Nemo though, some of them she even called Nemo's Daddy!

There was an area where you could touch a starfish, its the same area that was there when Chester turned 2. Although Millie was not as brave as her brother, I still managed to get a picture very similar to her brothers!

The only disappointment at the Aquarium was the penguin encounter. Sadly that was the part I was most looking forward too! The penguins themselves seemed to have a great enclosure and seemed happy. However the area was just badly positioned. The viewing area was really small, the rest of the aquarium is really well thought out and spacious. So the penguin area seemed to be a badly thought out afterthought, which just bottlenecked. Packed in like sardines springs to mind!

After the Aquarium we stopped for some snacks whilst looking at the views. Chester was super excited to see the wheel and Big Bentley (Thank you Cars 2)! Millie had walked around for over 2 hours by that point and was getting tired. Pretty much as soon as we put her in the stroller she was asleep! Our original plan was to go back round the Aquarium again, but it was clear that both children were tired. So we took a slow walk back to the station stopping to watch the street entertainers and then for Chester to play on the lovely wooden play area. He really had a great time climbing and exploring! He is in his element when he is outside, so this was the best part of the day for him!

So thats it, our youngest child is 2, the terrible twos have already started appearing! How could I forget about those with Chester! Luckily this time I have experience and know what to expect! Wish me luck!

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