Monday, 27 January 2014

Do you feel happy with the service you receive?

As you know last week was not a great week for me. I called it my waste of a week.

Now that I have recovered from the sick bug and my head is a bit more clear I am thinking more about the service I received from the doctors last week. During Millie's first year I made a big complaint to our doctors surgery, after the way I was spoken to by one of the Doctors about my concerns for Millie's milk intolerance. Something that I mentioned in the complaint (although it was not the main complaint) was the system they had in place for booking appointments. What they did was open the phone lines at 8.30am and rather than allocate you an appointment they get the duty doctor to call you back, to gauge the seriousness of your illness. It was getting so bad, that even if you rang for an appointment two weeks down the line they couldn't make it for you because they had not opened the books for that week! 

They promised they would change, and to be fair to them they did. I had been happy with the new system where you were able to book appointments in advance and even get an appointment for that day without having to speak to someone first.

But sadly last week, I felt let down yet again. I had wanted to see a doctor about my back, it was really painful and over the counter pain killers were just not working. More importantly I needed to get some answers and find out exactly what was wrong, if I knew, then surely that would be the first step to working out how to make it better?  I tried to call but they didn't answer. 

So after dropping Chester to School I popped in to make an appointment. I was shocked at the response I got. I was told I would get a phone call at some point that day from the duty Doctor, who would probably prescribe over the phone! I went away thinking, that surely is not going to happen. Surely the doctor will call me and realise they will need to see me to assess what, if any, tablets they were going to prescribe. 

Well about 3 hours later I got a phone call from the duty Doctor, who might I add, has never met me before. After a short discussion I was being told to pick up a prescription in an hour and pick up a physio referral sheet from reception incase I feel that I need it in a couple of weeks! I was shocked! I mean how can it be that easy to get hold of prescription tablets?! I certainly was not happy with the way my medical problem was dealt with and it turns out I am not alone. In a recent survey 36% of people are worried that their Doctors aren't listening to them

I have since taken the tablets and they are causing some side effects. I have also self referred myself to the Physiotherapist as I really want a professional opinion on what is causing the pain in my back. I am yet to decided if I will carry on with the tablets as the side effects are not nice, but it has knocked my confidence of the NHS yet again. I feel that if I call up for an appointment, I am just going to be fobbed off again. 

Have you had any positive/negative experiences with the NHS recently? 

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